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Epic Hero's Journey: Thor the Dark World

No description

Lacey Collins

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Epic Hero's Journey: Thor the Dark World

Call to Adventure
Refusal to call
By: Kamryn Walkingstick
Epic Hero's Journey: Thor the Dark World
Thor wants to give up when he finds his mother lying on the floor dead
Also because he did everything he could to get the Evil Elves master an the monster away from her
This makes him feel a little dead inside
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
The Evil Elves and their master are trying to invade Earth, but with the help of Thor his partner Jane her intern and one of her professors all devise a plan to defeat the Evil Elves
also, to terminate them once and for all
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
The Road Back
Jane goes back to Earth to figure out how the Elves will invade Earth with her crew
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Crossing the Threshold

Thor finds out that the Dark Elves that his fathers father supposedly killed, has risen once more to attempt to turn Earth and all the other 9 realms to evil.
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)

His mother dies
He is distracted from everything use he wants to get this thing out of Jane
he is madly in love with her
He goes to battle trying to not think of her
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Thor overcomes the death of his mother and seeks revenge
Him, his brother (Loki), and his friends devise a plan to seek revenge on the Evil Elves and terminate their plan to turn Earth and the 9 realms evil
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Return with Elixir

Thor has learned selflessness, and he gave up the throne to instead battle for his people along side the army
He goes to be Jane
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)

Thor's brother Loki
Jane Foster
Darcy Lewis
Eric Selvig
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Born into a royal family

Next in line to the thrown

Born in Athsgard, another world.
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Thor thought his destiny was to become king after his father was gone
However it was not to become king, it was to protect Earth.
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
Thor doesn't want to become king of Athsgard
He just wants to fight evil, and keep the kingdom safe
The Evil elves master made some monster type thing to invade the dungeon and set all the prisoners free.
The city's army helped and so did Thor's father and Mother
enemies were all the prisoners the monster thing and the Evil Elves master()
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
(Taylor, Thor The Dark World)
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