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ePortfolios: From Taxonomy to Pattern Language

Presentation at Umeå Universitet (Sweden)

Peter Baumgartner

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of ePortfolios: From Taxonomy to Pattern Language

Educational Scenarios with Eportfolios
Pattern Language instead of Guidelines Shop-window for Learning Orientation 1st Floor
BMWF-Study 2nd Floor
Pattern Approach Outlook
Summary 3rd Floor
Pattern Language Entrance
Definition Groundwork Edu. Innovation Social Innovation What is an electronic Portolio? http://peter.baumgartner.name//wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ep-taxonomie-2012.pdf 3 x 2 x 2 = 12 Types of Portfolios 3 Basic Types Reflection, Development, Presentation
Crucial property: Ownership: Person or Organisation
Crucial property: Orientation: Product or Process Taxonomy Pattern Sequence: Presentation Sequence: Analysis Educational Taxonomy: Framework of Action Levels and Description Levels

Patterns as approved & successful practice: Transfer of expert knowledge: Solution -> Problem -> Consequences-> Forces -> Context Educational Innovation Pattern language as network of concepts Generative system: Finite building blocks to form an endless variety of educational scenarios.

Goal: To establish a collaborative collection of educational scenarios (Wiki) Social Innovation ! http://peter.baumgartner.name//wp-content/uploads/2012/12/ep-taxonomie-2012.pdf "Pattern Language"
Build new designs
from different components (words, sentences) Building Blocks http://prezi.com/user/baumgartner Action guidelines prescribed without special attention to the situation context
Static instructional manual which is product orientated (static)
Guidelines follow a rigid sequence
Guidelines are developed by experts for users Guidelines (old) Emphasises environment (context, field of forces)
Generic, adaptive, flexible and especially focussed to process
Collection of buildings blocks, no rigid sequence required
Pattern language is a collection of succesful experiences of useres
Pattern language is a communication tool between experts and users Pattern language (new) An ePortfolio is a specific type of a Content Management System (CMS). It works as a collection of digital artefacts, where different types of users have different rights of access provided by the maintainer of the ePortfolio. Definition Format for Pattern Descriptions Name
Details Stumbling Blocks
Target Group
Related Patterns
References (6) Publication contract: To find an innovative way to present the results ePortfolio: Makes Learning & Competencies visible Develop a description system which is so rich in detail that it is near to everyday practice and able to guide educational action, but has also a level of generality which can cover new use cases as well Vision
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