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How to insert a graph from Mac Excel into Prezi

Pay attention!

Thomas Petronzio

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of How to insert a graph from Mac Excel into Prezi

by Mr. Petronzio
How to insert a Graph
Choose an Excel Workbook
First: Open up an Excel Document
It will look something like this
In Cell A-1 you're going to type in your first choice... peperoni
you get the idea
In column A-2, you enter the number of students who chose that item
Once you have all of your information
entered, you are ready to create a graph.
Highlight all of the cells with information
It should look something like this...
After highlighting, click on Charts
From here, you can play around with color and all
the other fun things you can do. Don't spend time
messing with the graph until you have all of your important information down... like your conclusion.
To add the graph to your prezi, you need to do a screen shot. Hold down the Command, Shift, and #4 keys at the same time. The arrow will look more like a cross with numbers around it. Click and drag over the graph you want to put into your prezi. It will automatically save the image on the desktop.
Insert the image just like you would any other...
Once the graph is in... you can't change it.
That's why I said you need to make sure the graph
looks the way you want it to look, before you
do the screen shot.

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