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Campus Road Map-Freshman

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Transcript of Campus Road Map-Freshman

The Campus Road Map- Freshman
UC Berkeley- Understanding the American Research University
UC Berkeley Campus Structure & You
Connecting to campus services & resources is key to success
"Berklish"- Understanding the Language of UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley Online Academic Resources
Balancing Success at UC Berkeley
Academic Support
Student Service Units
Business Units
Campus Leaders
Skills & Values
Take Action!
Understand norms/expectations of the US university
Learn about UC Berkeley operations/culture (We work in silos, decentralized structure...)
Be assertive & persistent to obtain best academic advising & access resources
Work on your communication skills
Become tech savvy
critical thinking
Take responsibility for yourself!
Get engaged- don't isolate yourself!
BIO Advisors
Navigating the Campus
Colleges & Departments
Student Service Units
Business Services
Campus Life
These units are designed to support you.
How do you know where to get help?
Adjustment to Campus & US Culture
Taking Advantage of Student Benefits
Join our Class! Sociology 98/198 International Student Experience: Pathways to Personal & Academic Success
Understanding Your Visa Status
(Berkeley International Office)
College Advisor
Planning your semester
Exploring majors
University & College policies
Academic Difficulty
Department Advisor
Major or Minor requirements
Earning credit for internships
Getting advice about working with faculty
Developing research interests
Discussing course content & questions
Understanding faculty expectations
Student Learning Center
Getting tutoring and help from your peers
Joining a Study Group
Developing Learning Strategies
Career Center
Learning About Jobs
Finding On Campus Jobs
Finding Internships
Practicing Interviews
Writing Resumes
Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS)
Finding balance between work and free time
Managing stress
Coping with homesickness
Developing Self-Awareness
Location: Chavez Student Center

Location: 2440 Bancroft Way
Location: 2222 Bancroft Way @ Tang Center

Cal Student Central
Paying University bills
Obtaining refunds
Setting up deferred payments
Getting official transcript
Verifying graduation
“Suggested Courses” with available seats
University Health Services
Determining SHIP Insurance Benefits
Seeing a Doctor
Learning About Healthy Lifestyles
Location: 120 Sproul Hall
Location: 2222 Bancroft
LEAD Center
Join a Student Organization or Fraternity
Get involved with ASUC- student government
Get Leadership Training
Sign up for $10 a semester!
100+ GroupX Classes
Access Gyms, Courts, Pools, Fields
Intramural teams
Outdoor Activities!
Residence Halls
Join the resident hall assembly
Use Academic Services in the dorms for peer tutoring and computing needs
Make friends!
Location: 102 Hearst Gym
Location: 2301 Bancroft
Location: All Over!
Berklish: Classroom & Course Terms
: Class is full and you’re waitlisted
: Collated photocopied articles prepared by course professor for class; buy at photocopy stores.
: Also the title for people who read and grade assignments

Lecture Notes Online
: Pay to get class notes online for some classes
: Graduate Student Instructor
: Student run classes, unorthodox topics
UC Berkeley YouTube Channel
UC Berkeley on iTunes U
UC Berkeley Mobile App
DailyCal.org - UC Berkeley Newspaper
Berkeley International Office

Manage stress!
Check out
Cal Adventures!
The Cal Academic Experience
Navigating Campus Resources
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