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Interior Lowlands

No description

Stephanie Smith

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Interior Lowlands

Interior Lowlands
The Interior Lowlands are found in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Interior Lowlands are generally flat in elevation with some hills, cliffs and low mountains.There are many forests here and wide river valleys with flat Prarie grasslands.

Mountains are very common there because of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia formed many years ago my movement of the plates.
Farming, Wildlife, & Climate
Farmers decided to live in the Interior Lowlands because vegetation grows there. Farmers in the Interior Lowlands usually grow things like; oats, barley, wheat and more plants.

There is also a lot of wildlife in this region, like; mule deer, antelops, brown bears, wolves and Elks. These Lowlands are known for the Grey Wolf, Red Wolf and American Elk.

Climate is different in the Interior Lowlands as it is to us; the Lowlands summers can range from 10'C to 30'C and their winters can range from -10'C to -30'C. They have warm summers and cold, cold winters that involve lots of snow, blizzards etc. They also have more bright sunshine each year than any other region in Canada, and because the climate is dry and moderate, it makes it very comfortable to live in.

People choose to live here because of the jobs, the forestry, the farming, the sports, the cross country skiing and the fishing.
What creates job and money in the Interior Lowlands? Most common jobs are; farming, forestry, and minning. The Interior Lowlands also make money by producing oil and gas industries.

Including the jobs at resorts and skiing, and hiking, it all costs money, which is another way the people in the Interior Lowlands create economic activity; tourists and vacations etc.

Their natural resources that they also use for money would be;
-trees -coal
-crops -gold
-dairy -zinc
-oil -copper
Recreational Activities
The recreational activities in the Interior Lowlands are mostly winter activities because they have really cold winters you can; go cross country skiing, skating, hiking, hockey and ice fishing.
Because of the warm summers you can go swimming, play soccer, go hunting and maybe visit the parks;
-Banff National Park in Alberta.
-Riding Mountain Park in Manitoba.
-Grasslands Park in Saskatchewan, etc.

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