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Liberty! American Revolution Timeline

No description

Tara Smith

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Liberty! American Revolution Timeline

Proclamation of 1763:
British wanted to avoid war with the Native Americans...SO
Settlers could not move west of the Appalachian Mountains
BUT - the colonists believed they had a right to move wherever they wanted!
The Quartering Act of 1765:
The Quartering Act:
Colonists had to pay to house and feed British soldiers!
The Stamp Act of 1765:
The Stamp Act:
All colonists had to buy special stamps
for every piece of printed paper they used.
Stamp Act Congress met under John Adams -
colonists could work together and be united!
The Declaratory Act of 1765:
The British government could
tax the colonists any time they wanted,
even if the colonists did not have
The Townshend Act of 1767:

A tax on glass, paper, paint and tea.
Colonists protested - but only the tea tax
was removed.
Boston harbor surrounded and more red
coats sent to Boston. More hardship for the
The Boston Tea Party 1773:
The Boston Tea Party 1773:
The Sons of Liberty organized a protest
to the tea tax.
342 cases of tea thrown overboard
in protest.
British close down Boston Harbor.
The Boston Massacre 1770:
Protest to the Quartering Act.
John Adams argues for the British soldiers -
stands up for the rights in the Magna Carta.
The First Continental Congress of 1774:
Meets in Philadelphia
Congress advises the colonists to form
and arm a militia
Colonists should stop buying English goods
10 rights of the colonists list to include "life, liberty and property"
leaders would petition King George - ask him to consider their complaints
delegates would meet again if things did not improve.
The Declaration of Independence 1776
Committee of Adams, Jefferson and Franklin meet to
draft the declaration.
Jefferson writes it.
The Intolerable Acts of 1774:
Set to punish Massachusetts
Colonists now unite to meet and decide
what action to take together.
The Second Continental Congress 1775:
Meets in Philadelphia.
Agree that it was time to prepare for war.
George Washington is selected to be
commander in chief of the Continental Army.
Olive branch sent to King George.
The Argument for War:
Writing the Declaration of Independence
The Sugar Act 1764:
Taxes on sugar, molasses,
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