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SIOP: Building Background

How to link concepts to student background and develop vocabulary

Lucinda Wiser

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of SIOP: Building Background

Building Background SIOP Model Links between Past
Learning and New Learning Developing Key
Vocabulary: Academic Language Academic Language Vocabulary Instruction Strategies to Teach Vocabulary Links to New Concepts How do you link the past learnings to current teaching? Links to the Past Activating Prior Knowledge How do they differ instructionally? Building Background Concepts Linked to
Student Backgrounds Structure Discussions
Quick Writes
KWL Charts Read a story, article or play
View a video
Use insert method What have you used in the past?
What is effective?
What would you like to use this week? Who remembers what we have learned in the past
Let's review our graphic organizer
How does this relate to what we learned last week? Let's look at what we are going to learn now
Let me show you an overview of the unit
Let's preview this chapter Content Words
Process/ Function Words
share with a partner, discuss,
therefore, in conclusion, moreover
Words and Word Parts that Teach English Structure
The Red Book - Cognates
Common Roots - Latin and Greek
Academic Word lists
Tier 1 - Words they know
Tier 2 - Words they don't know and need in a wide variety of situations
Tier 3 -Words they don't know and won't use often 1. Students should be active in developing their understanding
2. Students should personalize word learning through practice
3. Students should be immersed in words
4. Students should build on multiple sources of information to learn words through repeated exposures Word Sorts
Contextualizing Key Vocabulary
Vocabulary Self Collection Strategy
Personal Dictionaries
Word Walls
Concept Definition Map
Cloze Sentences
List Group Label
Word Generation
Word Study Books
Vocabulary Games
Self Assessment of Levels of Word Knowledge ?
+ Pretest with a partner
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