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Tutor Training part I

August 2012

RSVP mke

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Tutor Training part I

Neighborhood Outreach Program
Employment Programs
Foster Grandparent Program
Senior Centers
Veterans Program
Senior Ambassador Program
Telephone Reassurance
Interfaith-MPS Tutor Program
Personal Care Plus
Family Caregiver Support Network
Case Management Unit
Good Neighbor Project
15+ years of Tutoring in MPS
Intentional formal partnership in 2010
50 MPS schools (k4-5th)
170 Volunteer Tutors
Nearly 3,000 students tutored

Supports Student Achievement
Works with the Classroom Teacher
Most volunteers serve in this position
Whole Group
Small Group
Workshop/Training Dates
Grade Level Resources
Discussion Board
Overview of curriculum
Grade level components
Samantha Garrett
The Partnership
First 20 Minutes
Shared/Whole Group Reading
Reading Mini-Lesson
60 minutes
5 Work Stations
Independent Work
Skills will have already been taught
How to Tutor in the Small Group
Specific Group
Specific Station
How to Tutor in the Whole Group
How to Tutor One-on-One
Assisting students
Assisting the teacher
Learning the lesson
Lead by Example
Build a Trusting Relationship
Teach Learning, Not Content
Transition to Literacy Stations
Marie Honel
Elizabeth Miller
RSVP Director
School Support Coordinator
Tutor Program Coordinator
Leveled Readers
Provides recreation, education and service opportunities for diverse groups of older adults.

Five Centers: Washington Park, McGovern Park, Clinton Rose, Kelly, and Wilson Park.
This program matches community volunteers with older adults in need of outdoor hands-on services.

Such seasonal chores include raking leaves, shoveling snow, or cutting grass.
Develops Job Opportunities for:
(A) Individuals 50+
(B) Women who are separated, divorced or widowed.

Helps mature workers refine data entry, phone, and resume writing skills.
Offering free information and support for family members and friends giving care to older adults.
Provides practical assistance and information to help older adults remain in their own homes.

14 Offices Provide:
Direct Services (transportation, minor chores, and visitation)
Information & Referral
Trained workers provide in-home assistance with personal cares, light housekeeping tasks, and companionship at a low cost.
Links low-income older adult volunteers to work with special needs children in schools, clinics and Head Start sites.

Adults volunteer 20 hours per week for a small stipend of $2.66 an hour.
With the MCDA and Community Care, this program provides RN and Social Worker case management for eligible adults.
Makes daily check-in calls to clients, providing them a sense of security and safety.
Assists veterans by offering transportation, grocery delivery, meal service, companionship and more .
Advocates for older adults who are trained in the resources available in Milwaukee County.
Support Structures
Tutor Website
Journeys Website
Monthly Newsletters
Support Staff
Purple Folder
Teacher/Tutor Communication
Initial conference checklist
Student Feedback Forms
Tutoring Tips
Initial Training
Lead Tutors
On-going Training
Monthly Workshops
RSVP Program Newsletter (email or postmarked)
Classroom Resources
Focus Wall
Leveled Readers
Vocabulary Readers
Games / Flashcards
Best way to get there:
Google "Interfaith-MPS Tutor Program"
2014 MPS Report Card
Proficient/Advanced in Reading
Lower than the state score
Student Movement
Accelerated in neighborhoods that are:
financially distressed
Low income:
Special education:
English Language Learners:
84% of students move between k5-8th grade
16.2% of students move during the same academic school year
The Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP)
Why Choose a District wide Curriculum?
113 MPS elementary schools
Greater consistency for mobile students
Quality literacy instruction and assessment
Professional development across the district

The MPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP) was designed to be a plan of action to increase Pre-K-Grade 12 Reading and English Language Arts achievement.
Purpose: To expose students to grade level standards, skills, strategies, and resources.
What did you observe?
Student friendly language
Engaging all students
Shared reading
Activates and builds background knowledge
Uses modeling through read alouds to demonstrate fluent reading and explicitly explain the use of strategies and vocabulary that are necessary for successful reading comprehension
What did you observe?
Positive reinforcement
Specific directions
Ignored negative behaviors
Used the child's name
Validates a child's attempted response
Clearly expands upon vocabulary development
Purpose: To provide students with differentiated instruction at their instructional level to meet their needs.
What did you observe?
Noise level
Variety of activities
Student attentiveness
Purpose: To provide students with differentiated opportunities to independently practice, refine, and enhance their skills as readers.
Provides effective, descriptive and timely feedback
Meets the individual needs of the learner
Uses text at students' instructional reading level
What did you observe?
Large number of adults in the room
Quiet atmosphere
Print-rich environment
Good mix of writing and reading activities with technology incorporated as well
Literacy Stations
Independent Reading
Independent Writing
Phonics / Word Work
Media / Technology
Tailor your Teaching
Volunteer Roles
Volunteer Tutor
Lead Tutor
Tutoring Formats
The Partnership
MPS Report Card
Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP)
Volunteer Roles
Tutoring Formats
Support Structures

Tutor Program
Matches continuing professionals age 55+ (ReServists) with organizations and non profits that need their expertise
Let's go to the website.
Program Goals:
50% of the students achieve their
yearly growth goal
by the end of the academic year

70% of participating students demonstrate a
positive change in behavior

70% of participating students demonstrate a
positive change in attitude
National Service Organizations
Teacher and Tutor Support
Data Collection
On-site coordination and communication
55+ Volunteers
National Service Organizations
55+ Volunteers
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