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Marketing- Laptop presentation

Group presentation for MKTG1203

Ian Jay

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing- Laptop presentation

TOTAL PRODUCT CONCEPT Customizable display options
Multicoloured backlights
High performance BRANDING PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR POSITIONING STATEMENT COMMUNICATION Product Offering Alienware is in MATURITY phase Large market share of it's niche target
Updating products with new components just keeps it from moving into decline Augmented product level includes IPS LCD display technology, slot in optical drive, Bluetooth, a backlit keyboard, shockproof technology, and optional dual battery control, USB charging whether on or off, high definition web cam, large touchpad with multi-gesture controls and biometric fingerprint sensor
The potential product level touchscreen, greater speed with more storage, they could all potentially be made lighter and more durable, and be waterproof Total Product Concept Branding Positioning Statement Consumer Behaviour Product life cycle Communication Sony’s brand name awareness worldwide is very HIGH
Over many years Sony has built their brand to be known for RELIABILITY.
Consumers who have previously experienced Sony products and have had favourable experiences will be more inclined to stay with the brand and might prefer the Vaio if good brand quality is a cut off in their decision making process Sony is in the GROWTH PHASE in the product life cycle.
Sony has been a major brand in the electronics market for a long time and have avoided plateauing at the mature phase by constantly upgrading their products and developing new products that are brought to market. Product Life Cycle Branding High brand loyalty Low brand awareness across laptop market High brand awareness in among gamers -Sony Vaio positions itself on product attributes.
-It's promotional statement is “closer to you,” showing a main focus on being portable
-It also “is so fast and light that you can act on your ideas as quickly as you get them” (Sony Australia 2013).
-This is reinforced by the product’s attributes, which include long battery life and unique ‘sheet battery’ for up to 10 hours of use without recharging. Positioning High perceived quality - Targets people who constantly are on the go.
- It interchanges between 3 different aged people on the go.
- Hence, the purpose of the advertisement is to promote the laptop’s mobility to a wide audience.
- Without mention of the distinctive features of the laptop, we can assume it must be light and efficient to fulfill the tasks that are being performed by the individuals on the advertisement. Communication "The ultimate gaming experience." Retina Display, designed to give a level of crispness and clarity to the picture quality that has never been seen before “highest resolution notebook ever” (Apple 2013)Thinnest and lightest macbook “maximise performance minimise space” (Apple 2013) -The advertisements that were made have been focused towards a wide range of customers who may need the laptop for a variety of purposes.
-The Sony website has a comparison feature which compares the different laptop models
-The website assists the evaluation process with customer reviews from people who have previously purchased products, providing feedback to potential customers. Consumer Behaviour Upgrading basic components within its models
Releasing new features and non-standard upgrades, e.g. the introduction of the Retina display technology
Continues to persist in the growth phase of the product life cycle Website helps with decision making process Prices Components Ordering Direct shipping Alienware laptops are for 16-30 year old males who enjoy gaming for entertainment Television commercials during holidays
Two main focuses, Retina display and innovation "innovation in every dimension"
Simple to appeal to all Main forms:
Word of mouth
Web banner ads
Event sponsorship
Event demonstrations World of Laptops Recommendation Alienware Build a strong brand equity centered
increase its brand loyalty and associating itself with gaming is to obtain rights to release a gaming console, such as Xbox or Playstation 3, with their brand.
changing their product design in one key aspect: the weight of their products Run targeted YouTube advertisements and viral campaigns by paying for 10 second ads on popular gaming YouTube clips. Add to their promotion mix, for example sales promotions. Build a strong brand equity centered around brand loyalty.
Communicate their strong association of "Game Victorious".Secure sponsorship of all major gaming events and conventions. components for smooth gaming experience Strongest Brand EquityRecognisable, Apple logo, ‘Mac’ for all computersBroad target audienceHigh brand loyalty through compatible products SimplicityHighlight main attributes and applications e.g. iCloudAdvertising campaigns that position Apple against competitorsProduct superior performance Advertising activates need/ want phase of decision making
Creative and imaginative to captivate consumers attention
Advertising on Apple's website informative, comparisons, easy purchase options and upgrades Questions?
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