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The life of the 1960s

tyom barrett

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 1960

The 1960s The first debate for a presidential election was televised Presidant Jhon F Kennedy moved into the White House and gave his famous speech called "Ask not what your contry can do for you but what you can do for your contry" VS The Case-Church Ammendment,passed by the congress in response to the anti-war movement, prohibated direct U.S. military involvment without congressional authorization after Agust 15, 1973. Jhon F. Kennnady became presidant in 1960 pictures
President Jhon F. Kennady was shot down on Nvember 22, 1963. he was assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Two or three days later Oswald was gunned down by a club owner Jack Ruby. The arts in the 1960s broke new ground through modern archtecutial designs , literary reflections of social turbulince, and artistic The most famous people/bands in 1960s 1) Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, The beatles,Sonney and Cher 2) Martin Luther King Jr, Elvis and Neil Armstrong The most populur sport in the 1960s in the USA is basketball The 1964 Surgen General report on smoking and health alerted the american public to the health riskes of smoking cigarettes. 1960s cars Random facts Richard M. Nixon was the 37th presidant of the United States of America from 1969-1974 and was also the 36th vice president. Richard M Nixon was the first one to resign the office and also the onley person to be elected twice both the Presidentcy and the Vice Presidentcy.
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