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No description

Jere Zientara

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Avicii

About Tim
Born in Sweden ,Östermalm , Stockholm
8 Semtember 1989
Family: mum Anki Liden, dad Klas Bergling
two brothers David Bergling and
Anton Körberg ( stepbrother)
Always music interested, guitar piano, sing
liked to create new stuff, not good enough
Friend showed computer program
Locked himself in his bedroom
Started making music

The breakthrough
The single "Levels"
Official realest 28 October
Topped the list in Sweden and USA
Came top 10 in several countries
Won him two grammis ( song of the year and inventor of the year)
Avicii made 60 million Swedish kr

How it started
Made music in his bedroom
Shared it in different blogs
Arash "Ash" Pournouri
Was working to get electronic music
Saw Potential in Tim
Met over a cafe
singed up "At night management "
Became his manger
Got really close
Released Singles and Remixes
First hit "Seek Bromance"
Tim Berg
Recent work
I cool new idea
"X you "
fans send in sounds
"Wake me up"
country house
his most popular work so far
"you make me " popular

His first album
Realest 13 September
A mix of house and country house
Popular song " Hey brother
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