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Nursing Boot

Presentation for New Horizons Conference

Mary Worrell

on 3 October 2011

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Transcript of Nursing Boot

Nursing Boot Camp Top 10 Reasons to start a Nursing Boot Camp at your college Goals of Nursing Boot Camp To give students a realistic view of the demands of a nursing program To provide students with the strategies and skills needed to successfully complete a nursing program 10
Partnership with Faculty and Student Services 9
Pre-Nursing Confusion 8
Expectations of a Nursing Program 7
Retention/Graduation 6
Engagement 5
Discover Nursing 4
Prioritize 3
Communicate 2
Prosper 1
Student Success Onward and Upward! Preparing Students for Sucess in a Nursing Program TEAM
Together Each Accomplishes More This is NOT "Grey's Anatomy" Understanding program and college policies Improving Outcomes Developing personal and academic motivation Exploring Options Time Management
Stress Management Improving personal communication, cultivating relationships and managing conflict Money Management Questions? Where do we go from here? Introduction to the Sim Lab Field trip?? Increase class to 3 days? Contact Information Mary Worrell
mary.worrell@southside.edu Bernadette Battle
bernadette.battle@southside.edu CDL license for Bernadette?
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