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Old Testament TimeLine

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Cathleen Jaet

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Old Testament TimeLine

Old Testament Time Line (3984-5 B.C.)
Life of Moses
God creates the world then Adam and Eve.

Life of Noah
Life of Adam who will live 930 years
Noah was 600 years old when the great flood covered the earth.
Children of Israel wandered in wilderness 40 years. Moses writes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
The earliest book included in the Bible,
The Book of Job, was written
1975-1800 (B.C.)
The life of Abraham
Israel splits into two distinct kingdom
612-536 (B.C.)
608-513 (B.C.)
1010-970 (B.C.)
King David reigns over Israel. He writes Psalms 1-17, 107-119, 135-150
The nation of Israel is composed of ten tribes.
The capital is in Samaria.
The period of Babylon
Other books of the Bible were written.
Lamentations (608-586 b.c)
Daniel (605-530 b.c)
Ezekiel (597-570 b.c)
Esther (585-572 b.c)
Nehemiah (565-513 b.c)
Jesus was born.
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