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Pure Substance and Mixtures Concept Map

Concept map about our science unit

timothy yoon

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Pure Substance and Mixtures Concept Map

PURE SUBTANCE AND MIXTURES Pure Subtance A cup of oil would be a subtance that is made up of one matter solids liquid Gas A rock is classfied as a solid because it has partcles tight together water would be classfied as a liquid because it has no define volume but takes shape of the contanier its put in Air would be classfield as a gas because its has no define volume or shape Mixture Chicken noodle soup would be classfied as a mixture because its made more than one matter Mixtures chicken noodle soup is classfied as a mixture because it as 2 or more states of matter rehydrating and hydro eletricty would be why we use liquid in real life Containing types of matter or cooking types of matter would be a example of how we use solids in everyday use Breathing and photosinthesis is how we use gas in real life change of state lce to water is a change of state because it can matter physically lce to water is a change of state because it can matter physically lce to water is a change of state because it can matter physically water to ice this change of state is solidfication ice to water this change of state is called liquidfaction steam to water is a change of state called condensation water to water vapour that change of state is called evaportaion dry ice to carbon dioxide, is a change of state called sublimation water vapour to snow is a change of state called depostion Seperating mixtures To remove dirt from water there is a well which stone material(normally sand or paper) this is called filtration Filtration distillation sifting for baking chef Shake the solids to remove the bigger solids(flour) from the smaller solids that is sifting magnetsim to seperate metal like objects junk yards use a huge metal magnet to pick it up, that is called magnetsim
solution Sugar can dissolved in lemonade this makes sugar the solute of the solution sugar can dissolved in lemonade this makes the water a solevent of the solution evaporation taking out liquid without reatning it is called evaportion like you hear in the water cycle Industrial applications
to get salt out of water people leave out so it can evaporate so they will only have salt left Social Impacts The tsunami in japan is a example of social impact. other than sendai that got hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami, near the pacific ocean is Fukusima.By the tsunami the nuclear plant was hit and nuclear waste was leaking into the pacific. This leaked into pacific ocean and effected the wild life into the enrivoment( fish, squid etc). If this fish gets imported to a country the nation is in high risks for radiation. Also this water which is polluted inby the nuclear waste can be picked up by ocean and the waste can fall into our lakes which we drink and we could be in chance of raditation which is a social impact. Also Japan it self is in high amounts of radiation in Fukusima which can kill people there. Also the s Homogenous mixture Lemonade would be a solution becuase you can clearly see that it is made out of two or more subtances Air would be a homogenous mizxture becuase it looks like a pure subtance but it is acually a mixture Matter removing glass from water the liquid from the solid and retaning both of the solute by evaporting this is distillation like water matter takes space and has a shape. Particle theory like a strong pot which is made up of particles can hold still because it is connected by partcles attraction Dissolving when boiling water to make it hot heat is produced the particles move around the water boils. To cool it just let it rest and the partcles slowly move but will not stop because partcles are always in motions Though it might seem that each matter might be diffrent from each other there partcles are acually identical but just space between them that makes them look diffrent. enivroment issues Oil spills are very dangerous subtance. This subtance is brought by companys that control oil rigs. These oil rigs can be found at land, or water. This oil can leak and kill habitats and wild life or even us Getting the oil such as mountain top removal or strip mining can also kill wild life and destroying habitats. This can also be a hazard because this can lead to explosions and wildfires which can destroy natural resoures and take away human lifes Mechanical Mixture A bottle of coke would be a solution because it looks like its a pure substance but really it has sugar in it. A slushe would be a Mechanical mixture because you can see that the mixture is made out of ice and artifical coulouring and flavouring. The universal solvent
water water is a amazing liquid. This liquid can make a solution for any matter (gas,liquid or solid) this is why water is called the universial solvent Water or Oil would be classfied as a pure subtance, But why not coke or slushes? this is because since coke and slushes are made up of sugar and water (two matters) these are called mixtures concetration Ever wonder when the orange juice said "concetrated" and it very strong that means there's alot of solute and very little solvent. To measure that we use some thing called concetration. So 5 g into 500 ml of water that means there is 5 g into 100 ml. baking powder dissolved in water, water is the solvent Baking soda dissolved into water backing soda would be the solute Used to pick up heavy metal objects that are recycled at scrap yard Saturated and Unsaturated If you keep on adding more and more solute to a solvent at somepoint this solvent cant dislove anymore, at convience stores they would put more sugar but it wouldn't dissolve, this is called saturated. If the solvent keeps on dissolving this is called unsaturated Telling the diffrence between pure substance and mixture using the particle theory The partcles in a pure subtance is only one kind while in a mixture there is two diffrent particles which can dissolve into a solution.
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