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No description

Daniela Rincon

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of TEEN MOTHER

Genre: Drama

Maria's life changes when she realizes that she is two months pregnant. Her mother knew that her daughter was pregnant when she read one of the pages of Maria's diary . Sandra decided to do no say nothing and expect that Maria confesses them the truth. After having confessed this to her parents , they were courageous by two weeks, the situation at home was difficult, their parents did not speak her and acted as if she does not exist. The only one who was with her was Sherak, her cat.

So Maria decided told to his Boyfriend Francisco, but when he heard this notice, he escaped and he left country, Maria tried to look for him in his house, but she didn't find nobody and also she called him and looked him by social networks but he never appeared.

At school, after being an excellent student, her school averages dropped, she felt depressed so she decided to told her problems to a classmate called Andrea, When Andrea finished hearing Maria's story, She went directly to the school's radio station and told all the school that Maria was pregnant; when the school administrators heard this, they supported Maria and let her continue studying. But she began to be the joke of her classmates and began to be rejected.

Plot Summary
Secondary Characters
Maria's Father, he do not stay at home too much because of his work, he has to travel a lot. He support her daughter in her decision.
Maria's mother. At the beggining she was a little bit strong with her daughter but after she supported her. She is a beautiful mom. She is housewife.
Maria's classmate, she was the person that defrauded Maria, she told to all the school that Maria was pregnant. She is a fake person.
Maria's son, he was born 26 June, he has brown hair and eyes, and her nose was pointed.
It is a beautiful cat that Maria has. It is white and faithful. he stayed with Maria in her worst moments.
Time I spent writing and things that inspired me
I take four months to write my book " teen mother". The Tuesdays and Wednesdays I wrote for an hour during my literary classes. And some weekends, I took advantage of my free time to write when I was inspired.
The things that inspired me was that these type of situations that are presented in my book, usually happens in real life so I think that this book can help to the teenagers to be careful when they have sexual relations. and although this book has a happy ending, I think it can leave a good teaching of the problems that a baby can have.
Main Characters
She is a young girl who is 17 years old and she is in eleventh grade. She has a boyfriend call Francisco. She live in a humble but beautiful house. Her mother is Sandra and her father is Roberto. She is friendly and very intelligent, She is pregnant.
Maria´s boyfiend. He is 17 years old and he is in eleventh grade. He live with his father. He is a litlle bit coward. he does not accept the consequences of his mistakes.
by: Angie Rincón.

Despite these problems that she was having, she was sure that she would have her baby, She had to be responsible of her acts.

her situation began to improve when her parents, supported her and when they agreed with her decision. On the other hand the principal of the school organized a meeting to stop the bad situation that was being generated with Maria. The things were improving.

Sebastian was born on June 26 th, he had some resamble wih his dad. Maria got a job in a restaurant, she did not earn much money but at least she was able to help at home. While she was working her mom took care of the baby.

The arrival of Sebastian brought happinnes to her family. Everybody seemmed so happy. there were no more discussions and everything was going smothly.

After a few months, Francisco came back, he asked Maria to forgive him for leaving her alone during such a difficult time. Maria forgave him. He got a job to earn money and give a good future for Sebastian.

When theygot the enigh money to get a place for them, they went to live together and they were very happy.
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