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Social Media Etiquette

How to have manners online - 5th grade intro to digital citizenship and etiquette

Katherine Haynie

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette
How to be a good digital citizen
Make sure your post is necessary.
When you make an original post, make sure there is a clear point.
Use full and correct spellings.
When you comment on someone else's original post, be sure your comment is about the same thing that was posted. (If someone asks a question, don't respond "Hi!" or completely change the subject.)
Be polite and kind - even in response to posts with which you do not agree.
What is spam?
spam is any disruptive message that is purposefully or inadvertently annoying or harmful.
example of spam
when you comment with the same thing repeatedly on several different posts
Appropriate Use
Activities that are encouraged:
friendly conversations with friends
educational discussions with classmates and teachers
Introducing a topic for discussion
Sharing with the class ideas or things you've learned
Many, many more wonderful activities
Activities that will get you banned:
spamming posts and comments
cyberbullying and harassment
posting inappropriate pictures, posts, comments, or videos
negativity of any sort
digital citizenship IS
real world citizenship...
follow the golden rules:
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
If you follow these simple guidelines...
...digital citizenship will be a SNAP!
All inappropriate posts and comments will be deleted and posting rights will be revoked.
Students who lose posting privileges will be set to "Read-Only" for a period of time.
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