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Small Business Owner

No description

Monica Vasquez

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner Degree to Pusue this Career To be able to become a Small Business Owner you do not have to necesarily have to earn a Bachelors in Bussiness Administration or have a certificate from the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) but it is recommended to have a 'broader knowledge' once operating your own business.

Small Business Owner ~ job Description http://education-portal.com/articles/Small_Business_Manager_Job_Duties_and_Requirements_for_Becoming_a_Small_Business_Manager.html 1. What do you need to stdy in college to pusue this career?
2. Find a job description for that position
3. Wht industries have this job?
4. What range of salary for this position?
5. What skills do you need to obtain this position?
6. Is there anyone famous who has this position?
7. Links and resources related to this position from the web.
8. Why you choose this position to research? The salary for The job description for an Small Business Owner is 'Being an owner-operator has many advantages. It puts you in charge of your truck-driving career. Your truck, your choices of where to go, when to go and what to haul. But it is also more difficult: you have to keep your truck running, find jobs, pay for gas, cover all of your expenses yourself, there is no carrier to do it for you.',
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