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Lab Bio-Prezi Before 1st Period

How and what Genetic Engineering Are. Examples that will amaze you.

Zack Ludwig

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Lab Bio-Prezi Before 1st Period

Genetic Engineering Recombinant DNA This one isnt so easy to explain so why not start off with the textbook definition. The Process of making Recombinant DNA And what do you get? What Else Can we do with it? Because Genetic Engineering encompasses all of your techniques it can be used for
Gel Electrophoresis
Genetically engineered food/ medicine
PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Recombinant DNA + Genetic engineering What is it? Genetic Engineering is a broad term that relates to all of your techniques By definition in our textbooks it is the "manipulating of genes for practical purposes" "Recombinant DNA is made from two or more different organisms" Now, obviously its a type of DNA
Think of it as (Re- Combining) it makes it alot easier to remember Have two different DNA molecules ie. Cat DNA and Bathypelagic (deep sea fish) DNA Use a Restriction enzyme to cut a desired piece of DNA (for this example we'll use the protein that makes the fish have its bioluminescent glow) Use the same Restriction enzyme to cut out a location in a plasmid, and stick the modified plasmid DNA into that of the DNA part of the Cats skin Technology Other techniques include
-Electro- and Chemical Poration
-Bioballistics Products are more the reason scientists do the research in Genetic Engineering. For example, the average Kevlar vest is strong enough to stop a 9mm bullet. whats stronger? Maybe high grade steel? Whats even stronger than that; something that's capable of stopping a Boeing 7-47 in its tracks is Spiders silk. The problem facing scientists today is that even though there are millions of arachnids (~700,000species) on Earth right this very moment spiders are slow in production and it would take 100's of years to make 1 spider silk vest As of right now they are developing the technology and recombinant DNA to have goats produce the silk in larger quantities. The idea is that when the goat is genetically modified its milk will have strands of the silk in it, filter it and silk becomes more available for production this is just 1 idea out of infinite possibilities... what else though? Other vocabulary for Genetic engineering Restriction enzymes- bacterial enzymes that recognize and bind to specific nucleotides within the sequences
Plasmids- common vectors are circular DNA that can replicate independently, found in bacteria
Vectors- bacteriophage, plasmid, or other agent that transfers genetic material from one cell to another Glow in the dark kittens The Bad- The good- -New medicines can help prevent disease
-De-extinction or resurrecting an already extinct species
-Making chemicals more eco-friendly
-Offers high crop yielding
-Creation of New organisms all together using a new technique called "Synthetic Biology" -Engineered Bio-terrorism weapons
-New or accidental diseases
-Drug resistant bacteria The Controversy The reason genetic engineering is so controversial is because people worry that it may be "mis-used", for example some say it's animal abuse. Scientists also argue whether or not genetically modified (GM) products should be labeled under government regulation and close supervision. As for now the only question posing a threat to GM research is whether or not it is moral or just simply "playing god" The cool things to do with Genetic Engineering besides the ones already mentioned.. Mice that tweet like birds
Cows that produce genetically identical Human breast milk
Cabbages that produce scorpion poison
Vaccines incorporated into food like a banana
Strawberry-Banana fruit
Apple-kiwi fruit
Seedless food
Square watermelons
Half tiger half lion
Pigs that fly
Pink Zebra Still confused? Here's a video on how it works- Although the last two might not be feasible they are relativity possible and soon will be well within our reach Extinct animals that can be or have tried to be brought back using Genetic Engineering, the rendering of a cells DNA as a practical way of creating life from when humanities only option was to destroy it has transformed the notion that research in micro-microscopic DNA was once thought useless, is now the fastest growing field of interest in the scientific community. Biology has taken several new steps to answer the biggest questions like; out of the 6,973,738,433 people why is it that one t or one a or one g or one c can make a difference on a planet with 320,791,967,918 chromosomes with an average of 1 billion pairs of A-T and G-C that equates to 3.2079197 X 10 to the 20th power of just human pairs on our simple and complex planet we call Genetically engineered half lion half tiger Earth Recombinant DNA Named Hercules but this isn't all of the techniques
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