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Tata Nano Marketing Strategy

Tata Nano Marketing Strategy

Khozema Khambati

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Tata Nano Marketing Strategy

NANO NANO What is a Nano? Is it a Spanish footballer? Is it International Unit? Or is it iPod Nano? No, it is TATA NANO! It's not a car but a Phenomenon Produced by: Prof. Judy Richards Actors:
Movie: Tata Nano Directed by: Marketing Theory Objective Potential USA Customers Nano Price Tag
$2000 in India
$4200 in USA
First launched in India on 1st April 2009
First two days of launching, it received 5500 booking
34 Patents Fuel economy -
51.7 mpg (US) - City
61.1 mpg (US) - Highway
Models Standard
EUROPA Recommendations Advertisement Brand name TATA
Cost price low
Fuel efficient
Low power
Not a status symbol
Delay in manufacturing
Limited features
Large market for selling
Awareness in the market
First car in low range
Can hit in global market Company rival
Not sure to hit in rural
and semi-urban areas
Competition Competition is everywhere
First mover advantage
Monopolistic potential
Chinese vehicle manufacturers
Smart Car Macro Environment Demographic
Micro Environment Company
Marketing intermediaries
Adam C. Mitchell
David Metchis
Khozema Khambati
Kyriacos Kyriacou
Guerilla Tactics Dealership 3 Markets TV Campaigns Conclusion Definitely Not For

Definitely For

Impact - Life of Common Man Tata Motors
1945 TELCO Tata Engeneering and Locomotive Company "best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver,
and best in our value system and ethics."
BRAND How do you build this cheaper? A promise is a Promise - Ratan Tata Has Tata Nano cut too many corners? Target Market Environmental-friendly consumers
Lower Middle-Class
First time car buyers
The American Family (seats 4)
Growth In Green For Tata and Industry Tata conducts continuous research in environment-friendly technologies
GE and HP are pushing for Green policies
Chassis Dynamometer Emissions Lab
Natural Resource Defense Council
Louisiana Gulf Spill
United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCCA).

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