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Toyota Prezi

No description

Luis Gonzales

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Toyota Prezi

Product Placement Image of futuristic innovation and emotional
value prevailed over the green aspect

Broadcast and print advertising

Continued “to combine interactive, outdoor and lifestyle marketing.” Wider mass audience

No longer any tradeoffs between getting the
features they want in a car, and getting high
mileage to reduce CO2 and save the planet “Harmony between Man, Nature,
and Machine.” “The game of Life”
with Prius C Toyota launched a campaign for the Prius lineup, comprising the Prius v wagon, Prius c compact, Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and 3rd Gen Prius. Prius Family Campaign History of Toyota Case Overview Analysis Survey Results Company sales began in 1958 selling 288 vehicles. Toyopet,
was underpowered and overpriced for the American market.

Land Cruiser
carried the Toyota flag in the United Sates until 1965 when the Toyota Corona arrived. Corona,
the first popular Toyota in America, was designed specifically for American drivers.

July 1967,
Toyota had become the third-best-selling import brand in the United States. Challenges
for Toyota 1997-2003 Toyota Prius Japanese
Market 1997 2000 Honda Insight Market Toyota Prius U.S. Market 1999 Celebrity Endorsement 2001 2nd Generation Toyota Prius 2003 Gender Nationality Prius Awareness Is the Prius expensive? Average Rankings 2004-2006 First Hybrid SUV 2004 2006 First Premium Hybrid
Car First Sport line hybrid 2005 Prius Fame and Awareness 2007-2011
HEV Evolution Market Share Evolution (1999-2011) HEV Sales in the U.S.
(1999-2011) HEV Market Share Results of previous campaigns Significant awareness is present

Current general opinion and image of Prius

How to change image TOYOTA Driving the Mainstream Market to Purchase Hybrid Electric Vehicles MKT 5311: Marketing Management TOP Features L.K.C.S.G. US HEV Market Growth (2000-2011) Toyoda Company was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1936.

In 1937, the name was changed to Toyota for superstitious reasons.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., was formed Oct. 31, 1957 Lion Keen Consulting Strategic Group US HEV Market
Evolution Thank you!

Any Questions? The auto industry
Environmental legislation
Alternate fuel cell technology Question What is one of the disadvantages for pure electric vehicles? Fuel Cell Technology Pure Electric Vehicles Environmental Legislation Alternate Fuel Technology Hybrid Electric Vehicles Regulatory environment for auto manufactures 1. Challenges with reliability and durability
2. Power output
3. Cost-efficiency
4. Ability of manufacturers to mass produce 1. Lack of power
2. Long charge times
3. Cold weather challenges 1. Cut fuel and emissions by 47 percent
2. No concerns for obstacles in cold weather conditions
3. HEV’s did not require infrastructure changes. Karel Dvorak Previous Demographics and Psycho Graphics 75%of respondents said that they were "somewhat to very informed" about hybrid-electric vehicles
The average Toyota Prius driver was female, age 51, unmarried, and earned a household income of $74,700 Recommendations Gabi Diaz Claudia De La Rosa Market Research Luis Gonzales 18 Questions 94 Respondents 11 Nationalities
History of Toyota
Marketing Research
Recommendations What benefits do cars provide for drivers? Transportation
IMAGE!!! Challenges for the Auto Industry The Macro Environment for Toyota Environmental Concerns Societal Perception of environmental demands Push for auto manufactures to increase they fuel economy Enjoy the Ride!

Field research Social Media= $ Appealing to mainstream Overview In 1972 Toyota sold its one-millionth vehicle.

By the end of 1975, Toyota surpassed Volkswagen to become the No. 1 import brand in the United States.

1970s, Toyota launched some of its most memorable marketing campaigns. "You Asked For It/You Got It!" and the hit "Oh What A Feeling.”

In 1986 the First Toyota car was built on American soil.

In 1990s, Toyota began to branch out by adding many larger and more luxurious vehicles to its lineup. Prius, which in Latin means "to go before," was introduced into the Japanese Market in 1997 Targeting Men &Younger Generation New Product Line What do we recommend?

How will we bring the Toyota Prius to the mainstream market?

How the Toyota will maintain its leading position? Product Placement Sponsorship Co-branding Financing LKSCG Analysis of previous advertising campaigns
Public general image of Prius Sahily Cuellar Target: First-time buyers, younger generations
(16-27) people familiar with the game

Clear who they want as their potential customers

Be able to identify with the product while introducing a vehicle to help them navigate this exciting new chapter in their lives Prius/Genius Luis Gonzales
http://www.toyota.com/financial-tools/#!/payments/ The Power to Move Forward "Low emissions, high mileage and you never have
to plug it in ... one small step on the accelerator,
one giant leap for mankind." Work designed to convey that the new Prius is
"Not an idea that's ahead of its time.
It's an idea that cannot wait" Starred in over 200 Hollywood movies

and TV Shows
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