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Communication as Political Participation

by Todd Kelshaw

Craig Hargrove

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Communication as Political Participation

All communication is consequential involvement in political relationships, processes, and structures. Really? Relationships are negotiations of
values, marked by stake and power. Values are negotiated in both
private and public contexts (inextricably braided) Communication as
Political Participation Communication is
Relational and Participatory Everything we do is inherently communicative.
We not only participate regardless of our intentions, but regardless of our levels of awareness
Examples: Student in back of room sleeping, the citizen who refuses to vote, people who hang up the phone to avoid a fight. Everything we understand is, in measures, good, bad, right, wrong, beautiful, ugly, funny, somber, important, trivial....These understandings not only accompany our senses of everything we know, they are our senses of everything we know, and they guide us moment by moment. We communicate in ways that affiliate
and differentiate us according to our
senses of often-overlapping cultural memberships

Lives in those innumerable interstices and intersections of interpersonal and societal relating.
It is brought to life when we interact, confront others' ethics and our own, and forge senses of each other and ourselves in relation to broader social groups
It is this ongoing tensional process that galvanizes us all as co-participants within a shared political state. Additional thoughts about
Communication as
Political Participation..... Being Political is not a prohibited thing, a choice, or an obligation; it is a condition. Kathie Landress
Craig Hargrove
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