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Best Practices

No description

Jennifer Paxson

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Best Practices

Four Points
of the Disney Compass
Happy customers will refer you to friends
Never judge a book by it’s cover - nor a customer
Send thank you letters to people who returned something
Have personal relationships - KIT
Instill customer loyalty

Customers come first
fun at work = not at the expense of customer
Positive first impressions
attitude, appearance, and courtesy
continuous attitude of corporate culture even behind closed doors

Customer Service 101
Renee Evenson
Observing your customers and seeing pain points at your own library
Going to another library and observing a traditional task (ie picking up a hold) through a patrons eyes
Examine the library language
ie. hold, circulation, and patron
Understanding Your Customers

Wegman’s Customer Service Training
Guest speakers from user experience experts
Joan Frye Williams
Aaron Schmitt
Online classes
Lynda, OCLC
Human Library for all of MCLS
Communications Audit - review best practices.
Next Steps
Training Videos
Classes held by the UXT
Customer service discussion to be held with UXT and town/branch/central library
Panel discussion held by customer service experts
Moes, McDonalds, Wegmans

Next Steps
1. I project a positive image and energy.
2. I am courteous and respectful to all Guests,
including Children.
3. I stay in character and play the part.
4. I go above and beyond.
Disney moved to four areas of focus with
key behaviors which were easier to remember
Be Happy…make eye contact and smile!
Be like Sneezy…greet and welcome each and every guest.
Spread the spirit of Hospitality…It’s contagious!
Don’t be Bashful…seek out Guest contact.
Be like Doc…provide immediate service recovery.
Don’t be Grumpy…always display appropriate body language at all times.
Be like Sleepy…create DREAMS and preserve the “MAGICAL” Guest experience.
Don’t be Dopey…thank each and every Guest!

Disney’s Seven Service Guidelines:
Our aim should be to always
exceed our guests expectations
Concierge desk
Clean Bathrooms
Real people answer phones
Always have goals
have direction but don’t make it the only thing.
It’s not the end of the world if they don’t succeed

Inverted Pyramid
Who’s most important
Managers should work the floor
all employees know all aspects of the job

Writer for L J - User Experience
Website - Walking Paper
Consulting team - Influx

Library Journal
Aaron Schmitt

Give awards for good customer service
Staff suggestion box
Staff should feel interconnected and important
staff newsletter
library staff shadowing

Riverside County Library

Using business and library models to
make better customer interactions

Best Practices
Support Staff Conference
Customer Training Conference - Hacker Grant?
Caught Doing Good Team
Staff Member of the Month
Name Plate in Book
Signage Services - RRLC
Exit surveys for patrons
Patron brainstorming sessions

Next Steps
Create a staff advisory board
Survey your staff/keep them involved
What two things can we do to make things better
recognize and praise
empower staff and then back them up
communication is important
especially open communication between levels
Core Values
What does the customer want?
Put the customer first
Hire people who have the same core values as you
can do attitude
positive personality,
strong work ethic
Discover, Design, and Deliver
Customers are allies to success
Always be asking what else
Always be looking forward
What are barriers between customers and employees
Find ways to say yes

3D Approach
Bill Self
Customer Service In Libraries
Charles Harmon and Michael Messina Editors

STARS program
S - Smile
T - Ten-Foot Rule
A - Attitude
R - Response
S - Satisfaction

Riverside County Library


Joan Frye Williams
Work with partners
Be an observer at a library
don’t interact
revisit annually

Customer Service Walkabout

N - Needs
W - Wants
S - Stereotypes
E - Emotions
Customer Service
"Every Day You Get our Best"
"our employees are our number one asset, period"
customers have a cult like loyalty
The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence
Robert Spector and Patrick McCarthy
Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
Library Models
Business Models
Next Steps
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