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13.3 Mongol and Ming Empires

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Nicko Tzortzis

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of 13.3 Mongol and Ming Empires

Khan imposed strict military rule and discipline
First to use gunpowder and missiles during warfare
Attempted to conquer China, however, he died before he was able to accomplish this goal
Kublai Khan
Takes over after the death of Genghiz
Repairs Grand Canal
Gave Mongols highest positions in government
Ming Dynasty
Pushed Mongols out of China
Economic Revival
improve farming (rice)
Culture flowers
create better method of printing books
13.2 - The Mongol and Ming Empires
Building the Mongol Empire
Mongols are a nomadic people
many warring tribes
Brought together by brilliant chieftain Genghiz Khan - meaning "World Emperor"

Mongol Rule
Once conquered, Mongols were NOT oppressive rulers
Created peace in the empire for the first time in history
"Pax Mongolica"
improved food, trade, inventions
Marco Polo
Trader from Venice, Italy
Writes a journal explaining the beauty of China.
Fall of Mongol Rule
Empire falls after the death of Kublai Khan
Chinese Admiral
Explored most of Southeast Asia
when he dies the Chinese emperor closes the borders to prevent losing culture
Zheng He
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