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Apr 26

Scholarship Presentation

Grace Carlson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Apr 26

scholarship presentation grace carlson where has the semester gone?? greek week just finished
courting for hoco is about to begin a quick reality Holy Sheet which means it's time for... as per tradition... the first floor of theta will be covered in white sheets beginning NEXT weekend to encourage silent studying ways to respect your sisters... 3. don't watch TV in the morning room 1. keep the noise on the 2nd & 3rd floors to a minimum 4. take your study breaks in 99 3. keep talking on the 1st floor to a minimum
(morning, piano, foyer, library & hunting rooms) 5. good news!
you can eat food on covered furniture 2. the entire study room should be completely silent before you begin studying for finals... figure out your finals schedule by going to the registrar's website
http://registrar.missouri.edu/classes-exams/final-exams.php good luck on finals let's shoot for the
33rd consecutive semester
of top sorority GPAs our legacy of excellence tips on studying
for finals start studying early... or now! maintain healthy eating habits manage your time well & avoid all-nighters get a full night of sleep take mental health breaks study in an area free of distractions snack on some brain food sugar highs lead to
sugar lows DON'T drink soda or candy to give you energy to study it's just temporary too much sugar/caffeine will end up zapping your energy you could end up with a headache or left in a state useless for absorbing information good "brain" foods that promote a steady stream of blood sugar FRUITS grapefruit apples cherries oranges grapes CEREALS & GRAINS oatmeal
rice VEGETABLES & LEGUMES soybeans
kidney beans
chick peas
carrots DAIRY PRODUCTS milk cheese yogurt
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