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The Schwa Was Here Project

No description

Sergio Tejeda

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of The Schwa Was Here Project

The Schwa Was Here
Anthony (Antsy) Bonano: Ansty is humorous, witty, and independent. In a way, Antsy is like the Schwa because he is barely noticed in his own family.
Calvin Schwa: Calvin is persistent, kind, and friendly. He is "functionally invisible," according to Antsy. He is unnoticed and he is afraid that he will disappear.
Lexie: Lexie is sweet and kind. Although she is blind, she can sense almost anything. She likes Antsy, but the Schwa as well.
Howie: Howie is smart, but he takes everything literally. Also, he does not like Calvin.
Ira: Ira likes filming. He also is afraid of Calvin, and doesn't like him.
Mr. Crawley: Crawley is clever, rich, and grumpy. He does not really enjoy life that much.
Chap. 1-7 Exposition & Rising Actions
The exposition of
The Schwa was Here
was that Calvin has never really been noticed. No matter what he does, he can not be noticed.
There are two main rising actions in this novel. First, Calvin buys a billboard to get noticed. this turns to be a failure because the road he rents the billboard on was closed for construction. Second, Calvin finds out what actually happened to his mom.
The Schwa Was Here Project
Setting & Tone
The setting of the story takes place in Brooklyn, New York. It takes place in modern times because, although they do not directly say it, Antsy talks about modern things such as cars, planes, and television. This novel has a few tones. These tones are, informal, mysterious, ironic, and adventurous.
"The Schwa Was Here." Teachers.sduhsd.net. Web. 19 Nov. 2014. <http://teachers.sduhsd.net/joehler/Assignments/th schwa was here.ppt>.
Chap. 8-14 Climax
The climax of this novel is when the Schwa disappears to go live with his mom. Antsy desperately tries to find him. Everyday, Antsy calls different people who might be selling the Schwa's house in order to find him. He spends months doing this.
Point of View
The point of view in this book is first-person. We know this because Anthony Bonano, the narrator, uses terms such as "I" which indicates that the novel is first-person.
If you could add yourself into the book...
If you could add yourself to the book, we would be Antsy. We would have a couple roles. First, we would be a good friend to Calvin, and everyone else. Second, we would be a good family member and help our parents with the new restaurant. We affect the plot in many ways. Without Antsy, Calvin would have never met the friend that went on adventures with him. So technically, without Antsy, nothing in the book would have never happened. They would have never met Mr. Crawley, which means that they would have never met Lexie. Also, Calvin would have never known what really happened to his mother. The Schwa would just have stayed unnoticed with no friends if it weren't for Antsy.
Andres Ledon and Sergio Tejeda
Class: 8B
Period 6
November 25, 2014
Neal Shusterman, the author of
The Schwa was Here
Chap. 15-22 Falling Actions & Resolution
The falling actions of the novel is when Antsy vandalizes Brooklyn. He starts writing "The Schwa was Here" because he thought that the Schwa disappeared.
The resolution to this novel is when the mystery of the missing Schwa is revealed when Antsy gets the Schwa's postcard telling him that he is with his mom.
The quote was, "'What, What, are you totally psycho?' I shouted. 'Maybe I am!' he screamed back at me. 'Maybe that's just what I am. Maybe I'm that quiet guy who suddenly goes nuts and then you find half the neighborhood in his freezer.' I gotta admit, that one stumped me for a second - but only for a second. 'Which half?' I asked. 'Huh?' 'Which half of the neighborhood? Could you make it the people on the other side of Avenue T, because I never really liked them anyway.'” This not only shows how Calvin feels about himself, but it also displays the funny and playful mood that the novel contains.
The theme in The Schwa was Here is friendship. Antsy makes experiments to help Calvin be noticed. Antsy also tries to find out what happened to Calvin's mom so he can help him like a good friend. Antsy tries to not forget the Schwa, which shows that he has grown a good friendship with Calvin.
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