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Film Unit-Camera Angles

Media Literacy-Ontario Christian High School

Benjamin Dykhouse

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Film Unit-Camera Angles

Based on the video in the previous frame, please open up a Google document and do the following:
Film Unit-Camera Angles
Please identify and explain two things you saw or learned in the video. Make sure to be specific. (Identify and explain each "thing" in one or two sentences.)
Please watch the video linked below.
This is the first in a series of videos
created by high school students.

On your Google document, please identify at least five different camera angles. Describe each camera angle in at least one sentence.
Next, let's see if the "Hunger Games Crew" has improved..
In terms of camera angles, how is video more or less advanced than the first video by the same group? (Please answer this question on your Google document in three or four sentences.)
Additional Knowledge about Camera Angles/Shots
Please read the document that follows this frame. (It's three pages long.) As you read, on your Google document, add at least three "things" you learn. Describe each in at least one sentence. Feel free to make these bullet points.

Remember, this information should provide you with helpful resources for when you begin filming in class.
Finally, in summary....
What are your favorite "shots"? In other words, what are your favorite camera angles? Which shots/camera angles would you like to include when you film?

On your Google document, please identify two shots/camera angles that are your favorites. In at least one sentence each, please describe why it's your favorite.
To continue learning about film, please watch this video:
Now, let's put some of what we learned into practice.
With a group of two or three, film two shots/camera angles of your choosing. (This should not take you more than five minutes.)

When you return, please post these videos to the Google Classroom stream.

On Google Classrom, please comment on the shots from other groups.
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