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Student Presentation for Y2 Yoga Expansion Project

MBA Graduate Student - Marketing Plan for Y2 Yoga Summer 2013 Launch

Lydia Imelda

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Student Presentation for Y2 Yoga Expansion Project

Summer 2013 Expansion Introducing Y2 Yoga Mission SWOT Analysis Vision To become the premier hot yoga studio “gateway” in Charlotte Offer all skill levels,
opportunity to improve
wellness through
yoga practice Strengths Life is complicated...
Yoga is Simple! Y2 Yoga Expansion Project Background Opened Sept. 2009
Hot Yoga
“Up beat” music
Unique yoga “recipe” Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Instructors
Social Media
Open 365 Days
Unique Yoga “Recipe” Overcrowding
Limited space
Mainly “Hot Yoga”
One Location
Lack of Parking Demand in CLT
Yoga Tipping Point
Economy on the Rise
Wellness Focus
Social Media Boost Electricity
Health Concern
Environmental Issue
Yogi Traditionalists Y2 Yoga Competitor Analysis - Location Y2 Yoga Competitor Analysis - Classes Y2 Yoga Competitor Analysis - Size Y2 Competitor Analysis – Social Media Y2 Competitor Analysis – Voice of Customer Y2 Yoga Expansion Budget Y2 Yoga Annual Operating Expenses Y2 Yoga Annual Marketing Financials Y2 Yoga Current Market Mainly
Hot Yoga 80% 20% 28-50 yr old females
Current Mothers
Expectant Mothers College Students
Adult Males
Teens Marketing Mix Place Product Promotion Price Unique yoga recipe, studio gateway Studio café, wine bar & spa Price cuts, discounts, media promotions Competitive Packages
& Discounts Expansion Project Marketing Growth Strategies Y2 Yoga Timeline Market Development Summer
2013 Winter
2013 Market Penetration Diversification Fall
2013 Market Development Spring
2014 Product Development Summer 2014 Diversification Fall
2014 Re-vamp low classes recipe
Top instructors for low turnout
Tailor age-specific classes
Introduce theme classes Promotions to additional demographics
Team with local radio stations
Partner with local spas, salons, dance studios
Offer 3 month trial membership discount
Advertise Wine bar, Sushi café, spa, yoga
Instructor videos /Testimonials Create new “gateway” markets
Ads on Spa, Wine bar & Sushi café
Promotions in Popular Magazines
Partner with local fitness studios
Partner with corporate for team building
Partner with local companies for discounts Revamp 100% beginner classes
Run Y2 yoga “recipe” YouTube videos
Partner w/ local charities
Run instructor testimonials videos
Survey new clients
Survey new partners Partner with local men’s clubs for discounts
Partner with local companies on yoga for wellness
Run challenges in social media
Develop Y2 Yoga Videos
Host yoga workshops
Run new client testimonials Revamp branding merchandise
Partner with wellness groups
Partner with local charities
Partner with schools
Partner with physical therapists Y2 Yoga Success Criteria 2,354 to 11,800 sq ft facility
Largest National Yoga Studio
Studio "gateway", cafe, wine bar, spa
Summer 2013
Cottswold, CLT Outline Y2 Yoga Mantra Goals &
Objectives Objectives Long-Term Goals Short-Term Goals To grow Y2 brand and
solidify its yoga “recipe” 20% revenue (monthly)
5% customer base
(month-over-month) Double customer-base (Summer 2014)
Diversify products by 50% (2013 -2017) Y2 Expansion Goals & Objectives Y2 Competitor Analysis - Pricing Y2 Yoga Controls
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