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Multimedia Campaign

No description

Dani Buchner

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia Campaign

Media Forms - print and television advertising

- a website with products for sale and e-zine sign-ups

-a live event with promotional giveaways

- a social media campaign

- a dedicated YouTube channel What is a multimedia campaign? - a highly coordinated "symphony" directed at a target audience

-intended to increase awareness and influence behaviour

- can be commercial (built around a product) or non- commercial (built around an idea or principle)

The Multimedia
Campaign Unique Features The contemporary multimedia campaign allows members of it's audience to connect with one another, generating a powerful sense of community about a product or idea

Multimedia campaigns can involve partnership between two recognizable brands Can You Define These Terms? - Brand

- Media Form

-Multimedia Campaign

-Social Media

-Target Audience Your Task: Choose one multimedia campaign to follow for the week. Find examples by visiting the Project Media website:


Some good ones are:
The Diversity Project
Teens for Jeans
War Child Brand A brand is the recognizable identity of a product or business that customers connect with. Brand identity is usually represented by a name, an image or a symbol, and a slogan. Media Form
The form of a media text refers to the style and structure with which a message is communicated- for example, through print, electronically or digitally Multimedia Campaign A multimedia campaign is a planned program that uses a variety of media forms to influence a target audience. Multimedia campaigns can be commercial (i.e. they encourage the purchase of a product or service) or non-commercial (i.e. they support a cause) Social Media Social media are largely Internet-based media designed to build a community of participants who create content, collaborate and interact with each other. Target Audience A target audience is a specific group of people that a media text is aimed at. The group can be characterized by factors such as age, gender, ability, culture, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, education or interests. Social Media Social media are largely internet based media designed to build a community of participants who create content, collaborate, and interact with each other.
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