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Volunteer Orientation

No description

Niki Fox

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Volunteer Orientation

We are Crew, Not Passengers
Volunteer Orientation
Our Charge is to Expand the Circle
How to Get Involved
Benefits and Purpose of Volunteering at Amana
Keys to Success
Emergency Management
Mandated Child Abuse Reporting
School Structure
Autonomous Governance Board
Organizational Structure

In an Emergency Situation, Volunteers Are Responsible For:

Remaining Calm
Recognizing and Reporting an Emergency
Warning Others in the Area
Following Campus Personnel Procedures
Assisting Campus Personnel in Evacuating Students Safely

In an Emergency Situation, Volunteers Should Not:
Leave Students Unattended
Leave Campus Unless Evacuation Has Been Issued

Office Sign In/Name Badge Required at All Times
Report Any Unsafe Conditions and/or Accidents Immediately
Ensure Students Walk at All Times
Do Not Allow Students to Handle Electrical Equipment
Know Your Fire Safety Procedures
Defer All Discipline Matters to The Teacher
Never Offer Food or Administer Medication

Students Do Better in School and in Life
Parents Feel Empowered
Teacher Morale Improves
Schools Improve
Communities Grow Stronger!

Stay True to Amana’s Charter
Continue the Tradition of
Professionalism and

Students' Privacy is Protected By Law!
You Can be Held Liable for Disclosing Student Information
When in Doubt, Speak With a Staff Member

Protect Yourself – Know The Law!

Step One
Decide HOW to Volunteer (Tier 1-3)
Speak With Your Child’s Teacher
Attend School Functions & ALL Meetings
Contact Your Crew Parent
Contact Volunteer Support Coordinator
Submit Online Volunteer Survey
Read Class/School Newsletters
Step Two
– Complete Orientation
Step Three

Submit Background Paperwork:
Background Screening Form (Tier 3)
Volunteer Conduct & Confidentiality Agreement
Fulton County Schools Registration
Step Four
– Contact Front Office for Verification

Charter Schools Governance
Fulfill a Legal Responsibility
Promote the Charter School's Mission
Hire and Supervise the Administrator
Set Important Policies
Help Raise Funds





Student Confidentiality
General Saftey Rules
Next Steps
Press Play

As of July 1, 2012, Georgia law states that all school volunteers are now MANDATED REPORTERS and are required to report any suspected child abuse or neglect. Parents and community members must complete yearly Child Abuse Reporting training prior to volunteering at Amana Academy.
Press Ctrl button and click on link to open in a new window
Complete Mandated Reporter Training
Complete Volunteer Information Form
Submit to an FBI background check (if seeking Tier 3 status) - email llambert@amanaacademy.org
Turn in forms to Amana Academy (email nfox@amanaacademy.org with quesitons).
About Amana
Complete the Process
Click on the link below. You will be redirected to an online form to confirm that you've completed this training.

Board Members
Kristina Leidner Eisenhardt - Chair
Saddat Abbas - Treasurer
Zafar Khan - Governance Committee Chair
Leslie Jensen-Link - Education Committee Chair
Stephanie Dean - Fund Development Committee Chair
Tabitha Press - Member at Large
Sigmund Garrett - Member at Large
Maria Ebrajimi - Member at Large
Cher Brister - Member at Large
Peter Tokar, Ex Officio
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