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Brave New World

No description

jessica hart

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Brave New World

Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter 10 Summary
Helmholtz becomes a “marked man” after reading unorthodox rhymes to his students. He also begins to question the loneliness that the lack of monogamy brings to a person.
Bernard, jealous of Helmholtz and John’s relationship, continues to repeat “orgy-porgy” each time they read Shakespeare together to irritate them.
While reading Romeo and Juliet, Helmholtz upsets John by laughing at the unconventional thought that someone would have a mother and father, and that their parents would pressure their child to be with a certain partner.
John is offended, but Helmholtz continues to state his desire for something more meaningful than lust.

Bernard organizes a party with important people to meet “the savage”, but John is upset so he locks himself in his room to read Romeo and Juliet.
The guests become upset and begin to criticize Bernard’s appearance, making him feel less confident.
The important Arch-Community-Songster is disappointed with the evening so he leaves the party, taking Lenina with him.
John tells Bernard that he would “rather be unhappy than have the sort of false, lying happiness” that Bernard has.
Bernard seeks out Helmholtz and is disappointed to find that he has forgiven Bernard because it exemplifies how Helmholtz is a more respectable person than Bernard.

Chapter 12 Summary
“…nobody had the smallest desire to see Linda. To say one was a mother—that was past a joke: it was an obscenity” (153)
Finally—and this was by far the strongest reason for people’s not wanting to see poor Linda—there was her appearance” (153)
“Bernard now found himself, for the first time in his life, treated not merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance” (156)
“Our library contains only books of reference. If our young people need distraction, they can get it at the feelies. We don’t encourage them to indulge in any solitary amusements” (163)
no books => no knowledge

After the Directors indiscretion is revealed, he immediately resigns because of the embarrassment of fathering a child.
Linda is ostracized because of her appearance and she begins to take soma so regularly that she is going to die in a short amount of time.
John, or “the Savage”, becomes very popular in World State and forms a close relationship with Helmholtz Watson as they bond over Shakespeare.
As Bernard’s sex life increases, he becomes boastful and starts to like the society that he once hated.

The director, angry about Bernard’s nonconformity, publicly announces that Bernard should be isolated from society.
When Bernard arrives at the hatchery, the director informs him that, because he doesn’t indulge in his desires like they are taught to as infants, he will be exiled to Iceland.
Bernard brings Linda and John into the Hatchery and the director is immediately repulsed by Linda’s appearance
Linda accuses the director of making her have a baby and John yells out to him “My Father!”, causing the entire room to burst into laughter.

Brave New World
Chapters 10, 11, & 12

“The greater a man’s talents, the greater his power to lead astray. It is better than one should suffer than that many should be corrupted” (148)
The Director talking to Henry about dismissing Bernard to Iceland
“He has proved himself an enemy of Society, a subverter, ladies and gentlemen, of all Order and Stability, a conspirator against Civilization itself” (149)
“Pale, wild-eyed, the Director glared about him in an agony of bewildered humiliation” (152)

John is sickened by the deformed, lower class, identical twins that he see’s in the assembly line of the factories. (Says Shakespeare’s line from The Tempest: “O brave new world that has such people in it.”)
Bernard expresses in a letter to Mond his opinion of John’s strange behavior. He reports John’s strange behavior includes not taking soma and visiting his dying mother often.
Lenina and John go to a “feely” together and John is skeptical of the sex in the movie and criticizes her interest in the petty film.
After the film, John refuses to have sex with her and goes home to read Othello.

“Pierced by every word that was spoken, the tight balloon of Bernard’s happy self-confidence was leaking from a thousand wounds. Pale, distraught, abject and agitated, he moved among his guests stammering incoherent apologies” (175)
“Well, I’d rather be unhappy than have the sort of false, lying happiness you were having here” (179)
Savage to Bernard
“You can’t expect me to keep a straight face about fathers and mothers. And who’s going to get excited about a boy having a girl or not having her?” (185)

Discussion Questions:
Why did the director want to make an example out of Bernard?
What does it say about the society that they believe that "it is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted"?

Discussion Questions:
What are the changes that Bernard undergoes in chapter 11? Why do you think he is indulging in the pleasures of the society, yet still criticizing it?
Would you rather have complete interactive entertainment like the feelies, or watch a movie that follows a plot with a deeper meaning? Why?
Discussion Questions:
How does Helmholtz's "uncontrollable guffawing" (184) at the plot of Romeo and Juliet reflect World State's view on love?
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