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Incarceron By: Catherine Fisher

The Characters

Taylor Foster

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Incarceron By: Catherine Fisher

Summary Finn and Claudia are both trapped. Finn is imprisoned in Incarceron, and Claudia is trapped in the plan of a marriage that she doesn't want. Together Finn and Claudia must help each other to find the entrance to Incarceron to save both of their futures. Main Characters and Settings In Incarceron Outside of Incarceron Finn Keiro Attia Gildas Claudia Arlex The Warden: John Arlex Jared Claudia The warden's daughter
Caspar's fiancee Devious To find the entrance to Incarceron Finn Objectives Traits Characteristics Characteristics Traits Keiro The Warden:
John Arlex Attia Jared Gildas Inconsiderate Traits Protective Traits Incarceron
By: Catherine Fisher Thank you! Prezi by: Taylor Foster :) Characteristics Objectives Objectives Characteristics Objectives Characteristics Objectives Characteristics Traits Objectives Characteristics Objectives Characteristics The prince
Claudia's fiance
Spoiled Traits Selfish Objectives Marry Claudia Caspar Caspar Accountable Astute Prisoner in Incarceron
The starseer
The real Prince Giles A prisoner in Incarceron
Finn's oath brother
One of Finn's closest friends Desirous Get Claudia to marry Caspar Claudia's master who teaches her everything she knows
A very well known Sapient Teach Claudia about everything she needs to know To find a way out of Incarceron Prisoner in Incarceron
One of Incarceron's few Sapienti
A believer of the notion that Finn was born outside of Incarceron
A manipulator of the fact Finn is the starseer, so that Gildas can find Sapphique To help Finn find the exit to Incarceron, so both of them can get to the outside Prisoner in Incarceron
Finn's friend and loyal servant
Estranged from her family The warden of Incarceron
Claudia's "father"
The keeper of the key to Incarceron Find out about his past Incarceron By: Catherine Fisher Prezi by:
Taylor Foster To protect Finn on his journey to find the exit to Incarceron Traits Thank You!! Evidence: Finn used quick thinking so that his friends and him could escape from a monstrous creature. Evidence: Finn found the entrance to the steel woods so that he could lead his friends on the path Sapphique took. Clever Compassionate Stubborn Hot-headed Evidence: After Claudia met Finn, she refused to believe that Giles was dead until she got proof that he may have been alive.
Evidence: Claudia ignored the protocol of wearing vintage style clothes whenever there wasn't a political figure around. Evidence: Claudia became very angry when she had found out that her teacher, Jared, would have to leave once she was married.
Evidence: Claudia fought her way against the wedding preparations with Caspar until she ended up not attending her own ceremony. Evidence: Keiro fought with the leader of the Comitatus just to prove that he was better than him, even though he was much smaller in size and weight.
Evidence: Keiro thinks of himself as utterly gorgeous and much more handsome than all others. Traits Arrogant Ruthlessness Impulsive Evidence: Keiro didn't try to help Attia when she was dying of poison because he thought she only slowed him, and everyone else, down.
Evidence: He cares for no one but himself and Finn, and he only cares about Finn because they are oath brothers. Evidence: Keiro tried to fight a beast that absorbs all substantial things with brute force, instead of thinking of a way to confuse the monster.
Evidence: Without thinking of a way to sneak in, Keiro just automatically goes through the guarded doors of one of the cities in Incarceron, even though Attia and him almost got caught. Unemotional Intimidating Evidence: The Warden ignored Claudia's plea to not have to marry Caspar. The Warden chooses to think more of the political values and the political future of the kingdom, than his own daughter. Evidence: The Warden thought almost nothing of the fact that he helped in the sentence of sending Prince Giles into Incarceron, where Giles easily could have died. The Warden never showed much interest in Claudia; he never seemed to care about what she wanted, needed, and/or dreamed about. Responsible Considerate Evidence: After Finn saved Attia's life she became his loyal servant and tried her best to keep him safe, even though she was much shorter and somewhat scrawny.
Evidence: Attia always tried to volunteer for dangerous situations instead of Finn because she believed she owed her life to him. Evidence: When Finn first found out that he could communicate with Claudia on the crystal key, Attia realized what he was doing and promised Finn to keep it a secret from Keiro and Gildas.
Evidence: Attia always gave Finn space so that he could think and use the key in private, unlike Keiro and Gildas who were constantly pestering Finn. Worrisome Intellectual Evidence: Jared often worried about Claudia disobeying the protocol and her father because he knew of the harsh punishments that could have falled upon her.
Evidence: Jared constantly warned Claudia of what would happen if she ignored rules of the kingdom. Evidence: Jared often helps Claudia with her schemes of finding Incarceron, but he only helps because he worries something could happen to her if he wasn't around. Jared always tries to talk Claudia out of doing her dangerous plans, because he worries she wil get hurt or caught; although she almost always goes through with her ideas anyway. Evidence: Jared once helped Claudia break into her father's study by building her a lock decoding device. Jared is a renowned Sapient that has not only taught Claudia, but has only taught at many academies and for other upper class citizens. Self-Centered Resourceful Evidence: Gildas believes in Finn being the starseer from the outside world so strongly because he craves to get out of Incarceron.
Evidence: Gildas had such a longing to meant Sapphique that he'd do anything to leave Incarceron and join the other Sapienti in worship. Evidence: Gildas thought he could do nothing more to save Attia when she was dying of poison, he didn't feel that bad because he knew it didn't conflict his plans of escape.
Evidence: Gildas thought of Attia as a distraction and an annoyance, and he also believed that she slowed them down. Evidence: Gildas is a descendant from the original Sapienti that lived in Incarceron, so even though some of his techniques are primitive compared those of the outside world, he is still amoung the wisest in Incarceron. Evidence: Gildas is the only person in the group that knows of the tales of certain areas Sapphique was on his way to finding the exit to Incarceron; because of this, he (and Finn, Keiro, and Attia) would be able to know whether or not they were going the right way. Evidence: Caspar only wishes to marry Claudia so that he can become king and rule the kingdom. Caspar has been spoiled ever since he was a young boy, and never enjoyed doing anything for anyone but himself. Evidence: Caspar once taunted Claudia that he and many other political figures believed that she was in love with Jared, and that was why she didn't want to marry Caspar. Caspar once quite bored so he loudly paced up and down a hall just so that he would cause enough noise to interrupt the conversation Claudia was having with the queen, and to annoy them. Evidence: Caspar had told Claudia that he didn't care about her, but they had to be married so he could rule and then find someone he liked better than her. Caspar often acted mean to others to show his superiority. Irritating Rude Evidence: Finn felt guilty after a death that he could have prevented. Evidence: Finn saved Attia's life when no when else could, because he cared about her. To watch out for Finn Evidence: Keiro followed Finn on his journey to find the exit and learn about Finn's past. Evidence: Keiro always took care of Finn when he had his painful visions, and other dilemmas because they are oath brothers. Evidence: Finn woke up in Incarceron not knowing anything about himself. But he has visions of the outside world, which makes him think he wasn't born in Incarceron. Evidence: Finn went on an epic adventure to find the outside world so he could discover whether or not he is Prince Giles. Evidence: She refused to attend her own wedding to avoid the marriage. Evidence: Claudia knew that Prince Giles (Finn) would make a better king than Caspar, and she wouldn't have to get married. Evidence: Claudia wanted to prove that Finn is Prince Giles so that he could become king, but if he's in Incarceron than he can't become king and people would still think he's dead. Find the exit to Incarceron To get Finn out of Incarceron Not to marry Caspar To obtain more power and authority Evidence: The Warden and the queen have been planning this arranged marriage since Prince Giles "died." Evidence: When Claudia marries Caspar she will become queen, giving The Warden more influence because he is now also the queen's father. To please and serve Finn Evidence: Attia follows Finn around on the expedition so that she save him from any dangerous situations. Evidence: Finn saved Attia's life, so now Attia feels she must repay her debt by assisting Finn in whatever way he needs. To help Claudia in her search for Incarceron Evidence: Jared is a Sapient and Claudia's master. Evidence: Jared builds devices for her, helps her with her schemes, and makes sure she doesn't do anything that may cause harm to her when he's not around. To reunite with other Sapienti To find Sapphique Evidence: Gildas wants to worship Sapphique and learn from him. Evidence: Gildas wanted to learn the new healing techniques and knowledge about the outside world, and join the Sapienti in worshiping Sapphique. Evidence: Gildas followed Finn on the journey to find the exit because I thought Finn was the starseer and would lead him to Sapphique. Evidence: Caspar wants to be king, and the only way he can, is if he gets married. Evidence: Caspar enjoys power and ruling over other people. Rule the kingdom Evidence: Finn felt an obligation to lead his friends through Incarceron to find the exit.
Evidence: Finn had to look out for Keiro because they are oath brothers and they pledged to always help eachother when they needed it. Evidence: Claudia sneaked into her father's study to find what she thought was the key to Incarceron.
Evidence: Claudia secretly went inside Incarceron while she was supposed to be getting ready to walk down the isle; while Jared sat at the wedding and acted as a cover for her. Evidence: Claudia often was frightened of what her father might do after she disobeyed him.
Evidence: When The Warden found out that Claudia had stolen the crystal key, he let her realize he knew and then tormented her by making her afraid of his reaction. Evidence: At one time, Attia was looking through records of people's lives in Incarceron, and she found records of Claudia and Attia did the accountable thing by ultimately telling Finn.
Evidence: Attia acted as if it was her issue to watch Keiro when he was holding the crystal key for Finn so that Keiro didn't take it for himself.
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