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Hibaa Thayyil

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of trignometry

Trigonometry in Life
First Step
Second Step
What is Trigonometry?
Trigonometry is one of the many branches of mathematics. It studies triangles and the relationships between their sides, their angles, and other terms.
Some of the main things that are taught in trigonometry are the trigonometric ratios: sine, cosine, and tangent.

By the 10th century, Muslim mathematicians had developed and applied the theory of trigonometric functions -- sine, cosine, and tangent -- as well as spherical trigonometry.
Finding the height of a Mountain
To solve this problem, we
first measured the distance between the wall and a point on the sidewalk. This was 192 inches.
We found out Hibaa's height and then measured how high her line of sight is. This was 57 inches. Then we used the protractor to measure the angle of elevation from her eyes to the top of the masjid wall while she stood 192 inches from the wall. The angle was 69 degrees.
By using Trigonometry, we were able to find the height of the masjid wall, which was 500.2 inches
Zahra Ansari
Hibaa Thayyil
Samya Alasad
Aliaa Bekhit

Finding the angle of depression looking down from the top of a high building.
Third Step
After subtracting 69 and 90 from 180, the third angle is 21 degrees. Then we used the Law of Sines to find the height of the building and then added Hibaa's line of sight height to it.
192 in.
557.2 inches
Trigonometry is used many fields like astronomy, navigation, music theory, biology, chemistry, meteorology, oceanography, architecture, many different areas of engineering, and computer graphics.
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