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Global Positioning Systems

A project done for management class to explain how businesses use GPS in order to help save money and navigate through the procurement process.

Kurt Olvitt

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning Systems Kurt Olvitt Alex Dykstra What Is GPS? Satellite-base navigation system
Works on a network of satellites that belong to the U.S. Department of Defense
Allowed for civilian use in the 1980s
GPS is functionable during any weather conidtions any where in the world
How Does GPS Work? While satellites circle the earth GPS receivers use their information and triangulation to find the location of the receiver
If the GPS is locked onto 3 satellites the user knows their 2D position (longitude and latitude)
If the GPS is locked onto 4 or more satellites the user knows their 3D position (longitude, latitude, and altitude)
Other information can be determined such as speed, destination, sunrise/set, etc.
How Accurate Is GPS? Within 15 meters
Reflection of signals off buildings may cause disruption GPS Uses... GPS Consumers Business: Walmart, Home Depot,

Government: Coast guard, Military, Public Safety

Civilian: Vacation, Daily use, Outdoor activities

Scientific Research: Meterology, Marine Biology, Geology




Outdoor excursions Garmin = 45%
TomTom = 24%
Magellan = 15%
Other = 15% Market Share Why Would a Business use GPS? Save Money Save Time Practical GPS Uses in Business Delivery
Meeting a client
Increase Productivity
Increase Profit Does GPS Speed up the Procurement Process? Laws and Regulations Australia


U.S. States
The Future of GPS Smart Phone Applications

Access to More Satellites

More Affordable for the Consumer
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