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Zöe Tandy

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

ancillary tasks CD pack Branding/marketing It was important for us to use the same album cover on the magazine advert to help with marketing similar we decided to show instruments in the cd pack to show that they are a metal genre. Meanwhile also on the pack we added the Nuclearblast logo because they are a set metal record company which you can see on the beginning of our video, similar images used to help market the scuzz logo in then video then the parental advisory in the top left corner of the cover. How effective is the combinated of your main product and ancillary texts? Question 2 Synergy when going about our ancillary task we had to insure that there was synergy between both of them and the music video its self. when we first started looking at designing our ancillary we thought of taking images from are video to us with in the cd pack, this therefore would show synergy, but then going on to research albums with in the genre ( my chemical romance- The black parade) we noticed that they doesn't focus there whole album on shoots from one song,furthermore this album we researched was different to albums of the same genre because they used cartoons not photographs this then gave us the idea to draw our ancillary's codes/conventions
Magazine Advert Researching artists of the same genre, we notices most of the albums have the same concept showing similar typography, with old Gothic feel to it, we researched different text that we could use and then found the chosen one which has a closer connection to 'Iron Maiden, Slaver and Motorhead' thus they also show similar colouring being quite dark colours such as blacks,brown,burgundy and white outlining. with in our ancillary's we showed a black background and the a dark blue/green for the images.
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