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Pediatric Imaging Council: Improving Patient Access

No description

Brad Wideman

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Pediatric Imaging Council: Improving Patient Access

Improving Patient Access
Pediatric Imaging Council
Areas of Focus
Text Reminders
Scheduling Enhancements
*New pediatric prompt in Outpatient Scheduling
*Pediatric on-boarding training
*Dedicated pediatric schedulers
*Improved quality of patient appointment reminders
Correcting Pediatric
Preps in Cerner
*Prep reviews by modality have been completed
*Changes have been updated in Cerner
*Cerner preps match what is reflected on the
Florida Hospital for Children website
*Patients are receiving accurate information at
the time of scheduling
Parking and Wayfinding
*All Imaging locations and links to directions are
being added to the FHFC website
*Improving valet process at FH Orlando campus
*Providing construction updates on FH website
(in progress) and FHFC website (following)
*Updating location preps in Cerner
Peds Imaging Navigator
Enhanced, interactive web functionality
Improved resources for patient access
Future Plans
*Transition in Access Team leadership (Ian Karbiener/Whitney Teeter - new co-chairs)
*Enhance quality of patient appointment reminders and update scripting
*Improve on-time starts and registration workflow
*Pediatric Imaging Navigator
Estimated cost to improve Patient Appointment Reminders:
Parking and
Correcting Pediatric Preps in Cerner
Peds Imaging
Registration and
On-time Starts
Appointment Reminders
(Phone, Email & Texts)
Scheduling and Appointment Reminder Enhancements
*Average number of pediatric reminder calls per day - 30-50
*Average number of pediatric email reminders per day - 30-50
*Addition of new functionality to send text reminders (option to receive texts instead of phone call)
*Cost per touch - 12 cents
*Vendor: ClientTell (transitioning to Noble end of Q1 2014 / early Q2 2014)
*Some campuses may elect to conduct manual calls
Current State: Phone Tree
*Only able to send out a certain number of calls at a time
*Basic package and doesn't include necessary components
*Self-supported and programming challenges
*Unreliable - some reminders are sent on day of appointment
*System frequently crashes resulting in manual reminder process to be followed
*No ability to send text messages
*Low quality and doesn't reflect Florida Hospital well
Future State: ClientTell and Noble
*Voice, text, Email and App
*High quality messaging
*Ability to confirm or reschedule appointment through reminder
*Reportable responses (confirmed, canceled, no answer, etc.)
*Ability to offer campaigns (annual exams/preventive care), no-show recapture, emergency closings and collection calls
*Other features: Caller ID Pulsing, Web Interface, no hardware, volume controls, family merging/multiple appointments
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