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The Pigman's Legacy

No description

Alex Aud

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Pigman's Legacy

The Pigman's Legacy Author: Paul Zindel It takes place in New York, 1970's. It is important because the hobo was living in a rundown house that the kids old friend lived in. Setting of the story. Don't waste your money at casinos.
John wastes all of the old man's money.
Don't take life for granted.
The hobo they find lives his life to the fullest.
Don't judge a person until you know them.
When the kids find the hobo. They first think that he is a grouch, but soon find out that he is a nice guy. Theme of the story. John is the main male character in the story. Also, there is Lorraine. She is the main female character in the story. She is also John's best friend. Characters of the story. The old man wants to live the rest of his life in peace. Conflict of the story. John and Lorraine's old friend dies. While they are walking down the road they notice that the old man's house is getting run down. While they are looking at the house, they notice an old man standing in the window. They befriend him, visiting everyday. They learn that the old man had to move out of his old house because of the IRS. They notice the old man is getting sad, so they bring their old janitor lady to come cheer him up. They get along real well. The old man decides that he wants to go to Atlantic City. They start gambling winning $4,000. John gets addicted and tries to win more. In the act of doing that he loses all of the money. Plot of the story. I enjoy that the children became friends with the old man. My opinion. Genre:Young Adult Literature By: LUGERGIN
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