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James Chadwick and Alpha-Particles Experiment

Experiment and Hypothesis that explained the results of James Chadwick's Alpha Particle Theory

Jessica Kelso

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of James Chadwick and Alpha-Particles Experiment

James Chadwick's
Alpha Particle Experiment Hypothesis Chadwick predicted that there was the exisitance of the Neutron within the nucleus of atoms because the atomic mass and the mass of the protons did not add up. James Chadwick
Born; October 20, 1891
in Bollington, Cheshire,
Died; July 24, 1974
Parents; John Chadwick
and Anne Chadwick The scientists that came before
James did an experiment that James
then modeled his experiment after.

They however thought that it was
gamma rays that would be produced
when the same experiment was done. Making the Experiment He took the design from Bothe and Becker
who did a similar experiment accept they were
the ones who believed that it was Gamma Rays
that were produced along with radiation and not
Neutrons. The Experiment 1. Project Alpha-Particles toward Beryllium sheet. 2. The particles after going through the Beryllium and become neutrons and fall on the paraffin wax. 3. The paraffin wax then releases another particle, the proton. Results After the experiment James found out that he was correct with his hypothesis He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1935 He was later knighted for his great discoveries
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