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Airline Stewardess

No description

Georgina Covey

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Airline Stewardess

Airline Stewardess
Classes in high school
There are no special classes that you can take in high school so the classes that I will take is.....
Questions that I had??
Here are some things you need...
Speaking 2 Languages
To become and airline attendant you must speak 2 languages, preferably french. I think that when I am going to College or working I will take french classes in my free time just to boost it up even more. I will also be getting one other language for 2 years and that language is Arabic. You must learn to speak and write Arabic in all schools in Dubai

Home Ec
I will definitely be taking French because I want to be Bilingual
In almost all airlines you need to speak 2 languages For example French is a big language that they request.
In some airlines you must have at least 2 years of work experience working with the public eg. restaurant, retail staff.
There is a height minimum and maximum in all airline because you need to be able to put luggage in the over head and reach the emergency equipment but you can't be too tall so that your having to bend over to much. Looking good is very important especially in Emirates because they represent the airline
Where I will work
I really want to work with Emirates airline. Of course there are lots and lots of airlines hundreds but I really want to work for them because I want to live in Dubai and working for Emirates that would be the easiest airline to do that with
How much i will get paid

On average Airline attendants get from 40,000 a year to 60,000 so it does range quite a lot depending what airline and how far up you are in management
The Hours I Will Need to Work

Being a flight attendant you need to have really flexible hours and be open minded if you have to change locations. Being a flight attendant takes away a lot of your personal life cause you can be called and within 2 hours be on a flight if someone calls in sick or they are short staff. You must live within an hour of the airport. If your flight is delayed then you don't get paid you get paid for the amount of hours your in the air so if you 12 hour flight might turn into a 13 or 14 hour flight and your not getting paid those 2 hours so it's not only an inconvenience for the passenger but also the flight attendants and the crew
Why I want to become a flight attendant
Becoming a flight attendant might sound like a hard job if any of you have ever been on a plane with a baby crying or the kid who kicks the back of your seat. That's one of the main reasons I want to be a flight attendant I want to stop all those things and make someones flight the best one EVER!
Thank you to
I had a lot of question about what qualification I needed. I did I have to speak more than one language? What qualifications do I need? How tall do I need to be?
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