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Leveraging World-Class Customer Experience as a Market Differentiator

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Robert Flores

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Leveraging World-Class Customer Experience as a Market Differentiator

Leveraging World-Class Customer Experience as a Market Differentiator
"Customer Experience " is more than answering the phone when a Customer calls
"Customer Experience" is the Behind-the-Scenes integration of Business Intelligence, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Service Delivery & Management, and Billing that comprise the "Cradle to Grave" experience that the customer has with the company. When architected correctly, Customer Experience
the relationship with the customer driving Revenue and Loyalty.
with the Customer :
Customer Experience ANTICIPATES Customer Needs
By Integrating Customer Experience Processes, Systems, Dashboards and Strategies with those of Operations, Sales/Marketing, Product Development, Billing and Service Delivery, the Organization can:
Customers' Product and Service Needs More Accurately maximizing S&M, Prod Dev and Ops $'s
Success of Sales & Marketing and Product Development Initiatives
Service Impacting Incidents
Faster to incidents that do occur minimizing or eliminating impact on customers
TRANSFORMATIONAL Customer Experience
By leveraging a fully integrated Customer Experience Strategy to understand the customer, the interaction is evolved from "transactional" to "transformational". The customer feels valued, listened to, and their opinions acted upon. As a result, the Customer becomes invested in the company and an advocate for the product driving word of mouth sales and generating
The Solution
Architecting the Customer Experience
Great Examples of
World Class Customer Experience
Industry Table Stakes:
Knowledgeable and Empowered 24/7, Multi-Lingual Support using
IVR/CTI/ACD/CRM/WFM Integrated Tools

Leveraging Technology
to gain insight into the customer, their opinions, environment and demeanor
before engaging
Communicating with Customers
: Telephone, Txt Msg, Twitter, Facebook, Instant Message, Video / Skype, Self Serve Portals, Apps
Developing Monitoring and Interacting
with Social Media communities of interest: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc...
Personalizing the experience
by following up with customers, using individual/personal CSR email and instilling "ownership" of each customer using the interaction as a relationship building opportunity.
Making it right with the customer
- Offer discounts, special content in compensation for service outages, missed appts, defective equipment

Cx Tech
Integration Strategy
Integrating CRM solutions with Social Media engages customers in conversations and interactions and allows personalization and customization of the experience, driving loyalty and NPS
Leveraging Technology
Creating 3D Models and Mapping WiFi Signals in the home using tools like the one above to ensure quality of service and establish a baseline install "fingerprint"
for future support.
Personalizing Every Customer Experience
Dear Mr Smith

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help you with the service difficulties you were experiencing with your Layer3TV device yesterday. Rest assured that we take these sorts of things seriously and we are happy we were able to help you solve your problem. As a small token of our appreciation of you as a customer, and to make up in some small way for the inconvenience we cause you, we’d like to offer to you a FREE On-Demand program of your choice. Please click on the link below to redeem your free coupon and the cost of your next On-Demand selection will be removed from your monthly bill.

Mr. Smith, we sincerely appreciate having you as a customer and hope to win your business every day through great customer experiences and outstanding service. If you have any additional problems with your service, or just questions you’d like to ask, please feel free to reach me,
at any of the coordinates below.

Have a great day, Mr. Smith.

Best Regards,
“ Your
Advocate for Great Customer Experiences at Layer3TV”

email: RobertF@layer3tv
Direct Line/Txt Msg: 303-555-1234
Twitter: @robertL3tv
Facebook: Robert L Flores
Skype ID: Robert.L.L3tv
Integrating the Customer Experience Strategy with Sales and Marketing, Operations and IT/Technology Strategies, through dashboards and feedback loops, ensures that the business is focusing on, and responding to critical customer drivers that ultimately determine the success of the business.
Building A Relationship
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