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Salesforce.com - Cloudsourcing Your ERP/CRM Solution

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matthew billings

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Salesforce.com - Cloudsourcing Your ERP/CRM Solution

Salesforce.com and Infor
Join Forces Salesforce.com - Cloudsourcing Your ERP/CRM Implementation What is ERP? What is Cloud Sourcing?
Discuss Overview of Current ERP Market
Review Advantages to a Cloudsourced Solution
Discuss Changes to Vendor Selection Process via Cloudsourcing
Business Concerns of Cloudsourcing
Conclusion SAP Dominates Market Share
Old Programming Framework (ABAP,JAVA)
Not Intuitive For Executing Commands
Requires Rigorous Training and Detailed Skillsets
Pros = Safe/Stable Platform Significantly reduce upfront cost
Cost of traditional ERP system ranges from half a million to hundreds million of dollars
Ease of upgrades, patches and maitaining resources
Allow business owners concentrating on business issues rather than managing IT environment
Convenient data accessibility
No need to hire IT personnel
Short deployment time
Run matters in hours vs. weeks
Achieve lower TCO
Solution is Easily Scalable
Meet additional need without extra investment to the infrastructure Agenda Current ERP Market Advantages of Cloudsourcing SAP Risks of Cloudsourcing Investment in Cloudsourcing
is Growing Significantly Structure of Agreement
Pricing Model
Service Levels
Service Improvements
Single Sign-on
Integration & Interoperability
Intellectual Property
Ensuring Continuing Value Service Level Agreement Considerations Cross-Functional Collaboration Required Comparison of SALESFORCE.COM to SAP User friendly
Easy to manage ERP Vendor Selection Concerns in Current ERP Vendor Selection Criteria Will the contractor maintain the software updates in your company installation ?
How close to your facilities is the contractor’s field engineering office ?
Does the contractor have a prescribed schedule of service calls ?
Does the contractor have troubleshooting escalation procedures, and skilled field engineers?
Is the contractor flexible in meeting your specific requirements?
Will the contractor develop custom package for your special needs ?
Does the contractor have the technical ability make low-cost modifications to their package in order to meet your requirements? In Cloudsourcing there is no ownership so all these concerns are transferred to Vendor Cloud Vendor Selection Steps Analyze the company’s infrastructure, goals and the existing challenges
Complex IT Infrastructure Management
Credit Cards and Personal Data security
Traffic Spikes Outline the main criteria that would define the cloud vendor of choice
Scalability support
Mature security models to protect financial and personal data
Advanced server configuration Conduct cloud vendor comparison in accordance with the selected criteria
Ability to automatically set up additional servers
Access to low-level resources Conclusion Similarities and differences exist when cloudsourcing versus outsourcing
Buyers be aware SLAs
Need to adjust sourcing processes to reduce risk
Identify strategic business opportunities for cloudsouring for your organization
Don't assume Cloud Sourcing as a solution to every problem. It has its own limitationions ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP systems integrate internal and external management information across the entire organization
ERP integrates Finance/Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales/Service, Customer relationship management
ERP automates activities in an integrated software application What is ERP? Cloudsourcing enables organizations to procure their entire IT infrastructure from a cloud, easily integrates with any platform and requires no management overhead. What is Cloud Sourcing? Inmature market
Non-standard, disvantageous and opaque terms
Potential pitfalls and hidden costs
Companies need to understand their short term and long term implementation of cloudsourcing which includes sourcing strategy, life cycle, service commitment from vendors and management
No focus on architecture
Require continuous evaluation
Exclusively depending on the cloud vendor for security
Moving legacy to the cloud
Behavior conflict Risks of Cloudsourcing Presented by Matt Billings, Justin Eaton,
Vaishnavi Krishnakumar, Jie Lai and Nayantara Shukla Critical Success Factors in
ERP Implementation Cloud Vendor Selection Criteria - I Vendor Selection Criteria - II
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