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Towards a Rural Development Strategy

A strategy for developing the rural areas of Whangarei District, Northland Region, New Zealand

RDS Whangarei District Council

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Towards a Rural Development Strategy

Towards a Rural Development Strategy The RDS follows on from Sustainable Futures 30|50 With priority given to avoiding scattered lifestyle development on productive farm land The actions set out in the strategy will form the basis for changes to the District Plan zone rules And were derived from feedback received from industry & the public ha 20 Who told us ... ?! "it's really hard!" is too big and too small Production Land should be protected for productive uses Maintain & Improve Roads to address conflicts between logging trucks and other users Lifestyle Owners have a different expectation of 'rural' The Rural Economy and its key industries require protection Land Use Conflicts occur between rural and sensitive activities What About Water? a regional council function, but important to us The Vision: Our diverse & productive rural environment - supporting communities and a thriving economy The significant changes: all new zones Rural Production Rural Living Rural Village Rural Industry The existing Coastal & Countryside Environments are replaced with Rural environments for rural production activities For the hobby farmer who enjoys the lifestyle Stronger communities through mixed use opportunities To protect activities of strategic importance policy areas Where common issues affect multiple zones will ensure targeted methods for specific outcomes rural environment The middle tier of the District Plan will include a new section for the to set out the context of rural areas relative to urban & coastal areas Catchments and that land use activities carried out within them can significantly affect the receiving waterbodies This rural section will recognise district wide Subjects that are not unique to the rural environment will be dealt with to ensure that a coordinated & strategic focus can be maintained Issues include Water Resources Heritage Values Landscape Cultural Values Network Utilities Infrastructure Biodiversity Hazards & Contaminated Sites "Any surprises?" I hear you ask ... Subdivision Lot Size is likely to generate debate 82 ha is the average size of parcels in the district classed by QVNZ and rated as "production land" and there are almost as many lots over 80ha as there are under 20ha Retiring Farmer Lots were popular in the 1980's but should we bring them back? or rely on the Management Plan Technique which is ideal for tailor made solutions to unique circumstances it all fits together It's pretty straight forward when you see how management plan technique each layer can be overlaid to plan activities on the land using the so that only those issues that are relevant need to be considered positive incentives We will consider employing a greater use of as a means of funding sustainable outcomes Transferable Rights Development Benefits such as additional lots for fencing waterways in exchange for environmental enhancement The Rural Development Strategy so this is Coastal Policy Areas Like the way that the Coastal Management Strategy identified localities of common interest can be identified and managed separately Segregation of Lifestyle from industrial and production activities to avoid the effects of reverse sensitivity due to land use conflicts
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