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Shawn Findlay

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of Programming

Otherwise known as Hypertext markup language
-Defines the formatting of web pages
- HTML uses angle brackets (<>) to define the elements of a page, and uses start and end tags around each element.

-Main scripting language of the web
-Embedded into HTML in order to add interactivity
-Quite easy to use
-Know as client-side scripting
-Otherwise known as eXtensible Markup Language
-Similar to HTML but instead of showing how data should be displayed it shows how it should be stored
-XML tags are invented by the author
-By itself XML doesn't do anything, but doesn't make it useless
Programming Basics
-Looking under the Hood of web page design
-The code that computer programmers use to structure digital assets is called programming language
-Programming Language has its own syntax
-Also known as Cascading Style Sheets
-CSS is used in conjunction with HTML
-Defines overall web document layout
-Allows designer to easily change the appearance or layout of every page
By: Shawn Findlay and Mohamed Birkdar
Basic HTML
-Currently there are many versions with HTML 5 being the most recent
-HTML 5 is intended to increase the interoperability of HTML
-It does this by increasing instructions for each element
-HTML 5 also allows the embedding of elements such as video and audio
-CSS was created to solve the problem of HTML not being able to contain tags
-Style definitions are typically saved on CSS files
-Used to enable the seperation of document content from its presentation
Basic JavaScript
-Adds functionality to web pages, communicates with web servers and more
- It works with servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more
-JavaScript and Java are two completely different languages
-PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
-ASP: Active Server Pages
-Both are server-side scripting
-Programs the behaviour of the server
-The server excutes the script before returning to the browser

-Stands for structured query language
-Main language for accessing and manipulating databases
-Helps query databases to find specific data
-Used in analytic's along with other functions
Basic CSS
-Otherwise known as application programming interface
-Series of protocols that allow programmers to build software applications
-Building blocks for programmers
Content Management
-Tools make it easier for users, now they don't have to design an entire webpage by themselves
-Wikipedia states "“A content management system is a set of automated processes that may support the following features"
-It is a program that allows you to put online what you want online
-Wordpress or Tumblr are good examples
-Programming is not something everyone knows but is very useful
-Creating a website can be difficult without the use of all the tools
-Building a great website can be done without the tools as well
Network Programming
-Uses high level programming languages
- Involves a set of principles and techniques
-Involves multi-tasking along with multi-programming
-Basic Techniques remain the same

Source: Advanced Network Programming – Principles and Techniques (Ciubotaru and Muntean)
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