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Canada Road Trip!

No description

Shivangi Mistry

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Canada Road Trip!

Day 1: St.John's, Newfoundland & Labrador
Day 2: Cavendish, P.E.I
Day 5: Montreal, Quebec
Over 4,500 animals from 250 species, and 500 plant species, all under one roof.
Imitates five areas from the world inside the Biodome: Tropical Rainforest, Laurentian Maple Forest, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Labrador Coast, and Sub-Antarctic Islands.
Day 7: Living Prairie Museum, Manitoba
It is a 30-acre tall grass prairie preserve.
It features more than 150 different grass.
The tall-grass prairie is an endangered ecosystem.
It was officially opened on June 23, 1976.
Day 8: Sanikiluaq, Nunavut
Day 9: Banff National Park, Alberta
Canadian Road Trip!
By Shivangi, Prethi, Arya, Nadiha, & Elakiyaa
Day 3: Pier 21, Nova Scotia
That was a fun trip!
Day 4: Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
Day 10: Stanley Park, British Columbia
Day 6:Niagara Falls, Ontario
It is the capital city of Newfoundland!
The area is about 446.04sq km!
Known for its oldest European settlement!
Atlantic ocean affects the climate!
Is a part of the Canadian Shield!
Is the largest national park in B.C.
Was once the native home of Aboriginals.
Was naturally created.
Protected by the government due to the wildlife
Shows the history of the Aboriginal people.
Archeologists have found this land very historic.
The area of Bay of Fundy 16 000 km2.
Has a diverse ecosystem and a marine biodiversity.
It has the highest tides in the world.
During low tide cycle you are able to walk on the ocean floor!
Its waters are populated with up to 12 species of whales!
Building began in 1912-13
Finally built in 1928
Museum that used to be an immigration shed
Brought 1 million immigrants into Canada
500,000 armed forces passed through
Pier 21 shows stories of past immigrants
Improved Canada's multiculturalism and economy
National Park in the Rocky Mountains
Two CPR workers discovered hot springs
Park would increase traffic on the CPR
Many animals and plants
Most visited national park
Activities include snowshoeing,canoeing, etc
Glaciers demonstrate glacial geological processes
Is a hometown for around 800 individuals.
Southernmost settlement in Nunavut.
Is an in an island located in Hudson Bay.
Inuit people have been living in this island for centuries.
The Hudson Bay is home to over 50 species of birds, many birds make their home on the island where Sanikiluaq is located.
The falls water comes from 4 great lakes!
Around 1,800km!
About 12 million people visit each year!
28 million L of water fall every second!
Is a great source of hydroelectric power!
is an agricultural town
founded by Scottish immigrants
was naturally formed
became inhabited due to the many resources
large agricultural produce
is the setting for the story Anne of Green Gables
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