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Italy Demographic Transition Model

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Kaya Shifflett

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Italy Demographic Transition Model

Italy Demographic Transition Model
Stage One
Stage One
Stage 2
Italy entered stage 2 in the 19th century. there was a rapid drop in death rates and birth rates stayed high. Death rates dropped because of better and more food, there was better sanitation,water supply, and medicine. more people were reaching adulthood so they could grow the workforce.
Italy was in stage one until the 19th century. The CDR was high but birth rates were higher causing the population to be unstable. there was a lack of food and medicine so people would die from things such as the common cold.
Stage Three
Italy was in stage 3 during the mid 19th century. The industrial revolution encouraged progression into this stage. there was more urbanization, which encouraged families to be created. population was reaching its peak.
Stage Four
Italy was in stage four from the twentieth century until now. they have a RNI of -0.1. this is because of a low CBR and a high CDR (the majority of the population is older). high CDR paired with emigration is reducing its population growth.
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