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Renewable Energy and Wasting Energy


Sara .....:)

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Renewable Energy and Wasting Energy

By Sara Renewable energy Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as wind, sun and rain. These few resources can be naturally replenished without polluting the air or water and harming the environment in any negative way. Fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas are classified as non renewable resources. This is because they will eventually become too expensive or damaging to retrieve. Coal Oil Gas Coal Gas Oil Wasting Energy Wasting the energy we have can be a great dilemma, especially when it comes down to paying the bills. We're all trying to keep our bills cheaper and reduce the amount we pay. So how can we do it? Fortunately, there are some ways we can lower our energy bills and reduce our household carbon pollution. Here are some ways we can conserve our energy and stay green: Never leave the refrigerator open.
Switch off electrical appliances and other equipment from the power point.
Try make sure your ceiling fan creates the majority of the air in our room, and remember: ceiling fans only cool people not the room, so switch it off when you leave the room.
Switch off the light in rooms that are not occupied and when it is unnecessary. THANK YOU 4 WATCHING! :) How can you make a difference in our community & society? REDUCING, REUSING & RECYCLING A large amount of people in our society underestimate the impact we make by simply throwing a small piece of litter on to the ground. This piece of rubbish could easily end up in a river, lake, the ocean or any other type of body of water.
If we stop or at least reduce the amount of deforestation we are doing, we can help increase the clean air and oxygen around us.
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