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What does it take for a country to industrialize?

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Liz A.

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of What does it take for a country to industrialize?

The availability of natural resources had a huge impact on Industrialization. If there hadn't been resources available, then the work would have gone at snail pace. Without natural resources, there wouldn't be coal to power trains or heat homes, water to drink and/or harness power from, or copper, iron, or timber to build or craft things with.
Industrialization is a long process with many requirements. If those requirements aren't met, progress goes much slower. Natural resources played a big part in Industrialization. Workforce and Laissez-Faire were important too. New inventions impacted the speed of information flow.
Inventions and Improving Technology
New technology helped with Industrialization in a number of ways. The creation of the lightbulb and electric generators allowed people to stop relying on candles for light during the night. The phone and phonograph made the flow of information quicken. By creating things like the lightbulb and phonograph, Alexander Bell and Thomas Edison gave Industrialization an unintentional push.
The effect of resources
Natural resources are one of the things needed in order for a country to industrialize. Natural resources are a material that when it's found, it is used as something to help make progress. Natural resources include: coal, iron, copper, water and TIMBER. Work force, while not a natural resource, was also needed to industrialize, otherwise there would be nobody to do the work.
What does it take for a country to industrialize?
Water Wheel
Laissez-Faire is a French phrase that means "Let people do as they choose". Laissez-Faire made the Government keep their "hands off" and out of the business. This made it so that the business owners had complete control over their industry. Laissez-Faire was a problem for anyone who doesn't have a business. Owners decided what the working hours were and how much you got paid. This was a problem as the owners of businesses would give unfair hours and wages.
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