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Why Alligators Do Not Make Good Pets

No description

Starr Ogilvie

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Why Alligators Do Not Make Good Pets

Size is too big!
Danger of Alligator
A twenty-three year old was biten by a three foot baby alligator can cause a really bad bite.
(Bill Moss, 1996.) "The result of the bite was eight internal stitches, six external stitches, a damaged nerve running ot the index finger, permanent scarring."
Have bony plates inside skin
Mistake owner as food
(Adam Britton, 1995.) "As they grow larger, crocodilians rapidly become stronger and more boisterous."
Diet of Alligator
Hard to find
Hard to catch
Do not eat on regular schedule like humans
Eat mammals
Need to kill food before giving it to your alligator
Large diets
Size Is Difficult
Eat food based on size like fish, snakes, or other insects
Eat mammals like deer
Overall, alligators do not make good pets because of their size, how dangeorus they are, and their diet. Many people like alligators, though they do not make an ideal pet!
They are too dangerous!
Their diet is too difficult!
Need a pool for alligator to live in
Costs way too much money
Weigh up to 1,500 pounds
(Sam Haught, 2017.) "Alligators can weigh up to about 1,500 pounds, and average up to 9.8 - fiffteen feet."
This baby alligator may look cute, until it gets to be intimidating and spine-chilling!

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Why Alligators Do Not Make Good Pets
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