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The Secret Life of Bees

Author: Sue Monk Kidd

Sydney Young

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees Author: Sue Monk Kidd Major Characters Description Attitude toward major conflict Relationship with other characters Other interesting information
Lily Owens 14 years old, very respectful, sometimes lonley She is depressed and sometimes gives up but is always restores her hope in figureing out more about her mother Hates her dad, misses her mom, tense between June and her, grateful for August and Rosaleen Is fasinated in collecting bees for a while, lives only with dad and Rosaleen
T. Ray Lily's father, very strict He is so upset that Lily runs away from home but also doesn’t care that Lily is upset by the fact her mother left her He makes Lily work all the time and is very cruel in punishment, hired Rosaleen to work for them Does not seem to look for Lily when she leaves
Rosaleen African American women, took Lily's moms place Rosaleen feels bad that Lily is so crushed by her mother being missing, she is willing to go with Lily Her and Lily are close, upset with T. Ray she is also becomes real close with May She changes the way she acts toward Lily during the novel
August Boatwright African American women, bee keeper, takes in Lily and Rosaleen She is helpful when it comes to Lily's problem, and knows the truth behind her story She is very nice to Lily and Rosaleen, helps May with problems too People call her and her sisters the calender sisters
May Boatwright African Amercian women, bee keeper, glad to have guests It is hard for her to hear Lily and Rosaleen's story because she gets emotional She loves everyone and never brings up anything negative about anyone She is a calender sister and when she is upset she writes her problems down and puts them in a wall
June Boatwright African American women, bee keeper, rude about guests She is not happy to have Lily and Rosaleen there and says she can work out her own problems She acts rude toward Lily, thinks August is making the wrong choice She is a calender sister and she refuses to get married
Zach Taylor African American high school boy who works at the Boatwrights He comforts Lily when she needs someone and he is not involved very much He falls in love after working with Lily but sometimes is overwhelmed by her He is older than Lily
Minor Characters
Lily's Mother Passed away but was said to be a beautiful mother She is part of the reason the conflict is going on but is no longer with the Owens She passed away but before she died she was sick of T.Ray's angry behavior and loved Lily Lily was told she acciddently shot her mother when she was little
Neil Is in love with June, very tall African American He is always at the Boatwright house but doesn’t think anything weird about there being a white girl there He is in love with June but walks out on her because she refuses to ever marry him He wants to get married to June
Daughters of Mary They are a group of nine women that get together to pray to Mary They welcome Rosaleen and Lily to the Daughters of Mary pray service but June doesn’t feel comfortable letting them in They all get along with eachother but all are very upset with June's behavior during the service They make the meetings into more fun than silent prayer time
Lily Owens
Lily started out as a girl who did exactly as she was told, never said disrespected her father, and was happy with the life she had. Later in the book she began to hate the way her father treated her. She was disrespectful and more rebelious. Although, her father never put up with acting out. She was punished more each time she did wrong. After she ran away she looked back and wondered why her dad didn't care. I believe she was sorry for the way she acted
The setting of the story starts out in Sylvan, South Carolina. At the Owens home. The home is old and has a peach garden on the land. The other main setting is Tiburon, South Carolina at the Boatwright residence. The house is bright pink. The house is also a bee farm used for making honey. Introduction and rising action
1. Lily has herself convinced that when she was little she accidently shot her mother one summer morning. Her parents were arguing and Lily found a gun in the closet not knowing what it was she picked it up, shot it, and it hits her mother.
2. T. Ray, Lily's father, punishes Lily by making her kneel on grits. Lily was found outside late at night with some of her mother's belongings and when T. Ray found her, took her inside and made her kneel on the salt for an hour. When she woke up the next morning her knees were cut up and bloody
3. Rosaleen and Lily go into town to register Rosaleen as a voter and run into some trouble. They see three men outside making fun of them while walking and Rosaleen cant help but to stand up for herself by pouring her spit on their shoes. The men get outraged and start beating her up. The police get involved and take Rosaleen to jail. Presentation Made By: SydneyYoung Climax
The climax of the story is when Lily and Rosaleen decide to run away from home and head to Tiburon. They chose to head to Tirburon becuase on the back of a picture her mother had it said Tiburon, South Carolina. She is running there in hope to find more information about what happened to her mother because her dad is trying to convince her Lily's moher left her. Theme
One theme is racism. This theme is important becuase when Rosaleen pours her spit on the white mans shoes and he beats her up only Rosaleen is in trouble. The uproar in town was caused because Rosaleen was going to register herself as a voter when the men were making comments about her color. Another reason is because when Lily is staying at the Boatwright's she is the only white person in the house and June makes rude comments about her being the only white one there. Also, she does things that make Lily feel unwanted in the home. Another reason this is important is becuase Lily while working, falls in love with Zach a black boy. She tells herself everytime she thinks about him that she couldn't love him because he is not the same color as her. Reaction
My feelings about this book made me grateful for the life I have. The living conditions in the novel were not like anything we had today. They were old warn down and most of the houses were mainly designed for working purposes. I am happy I have a loving family. Lily did not have family like I feel I was blessed with. Her dad was abusive and her mother left her when she was a kid. I look at the world now as a better place than I thought it was. Everyone is treated equally today but in the book there were still race issues. Instead of looking at all the bad things in life I should try to look at the better things. Falling Action and Resolution
1. Lily went searching around her house for something that would relate to her. Lily went up in the attic one day and founnd a box that belonged to her mother. Inside she found a picture of Deborah, her mother, a pair of white gloves, and a picture of an African American Mother of Mary.
2. Lily ran away to Tiburon, South Carolina because on the back of the Mary picture it said that. She figured her mother had to have been there sometime in her life. She went with Rosaleen in hope of finding out more about her mother.
3. When they were staying at the Boatwright's she asked August if she knew anything about her mother. August sadly explained that she was friends with Deborah and one day she came to the home and said she could no longer live with T. Ray and Lily beacause she didn't think she could handle it. She didnt like living way out on a farm or the way T. Ray acted.
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