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2012-9-26 中国好Training

Joseph Chang

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of SUB-ZERO

KEY FEATURES The flip-up grille provides easy access
for quick routine maintenance. GRILLE The incandescent lighting is bright.
It spreads light evenly and conceals its source. EVEN LIGHTING Cantilevered glass shelves allow quick repositioning
and easy cleaning. They are also spill-proof.
The door and interior shelves are all adjustable. MOVEABLE SHELVING The ice maker will keep you abundantly supplied.
And thanks to dual refrigeration,
your ice will never
taste like fish. ICE MAKER This patented system continually refreshes
the air every 20 minutes, significantly
reducing bad odours, bacteria
and ethylene gas. AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM The deli drawer is adjustable,
with one door access,
compartment divider and
a clean design. DELI DRAWER These cards provide useful tips on
how to store your food to preserve
its freshness. FRESHNESS & USE
AND CARE CARDS Stainless steel.
Hand in the USA. DOOR PANEL The controls are up front and are digital
instead of mechanical.
Choose between Celsius
or Fahrenheit display. CONTROL PANEL AIR preservation specialist Humidity Temperature 60 NO. 1 DOOR SHELVES Door shelves adjust at "1" increments for increased customisation. Successful projects ENERGY RESOURCES ......
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