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Artifact 1 - TPACK

No description

Daniela Loberg

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Artifact 1 - TPACK

Jennifer Bielby
Daniela Loberg
Anna Sawicka

TPACK overview:
TPACK is a specialized, highly applied
type of knowledge that supports
content based technology integration
1 Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK):
3. Technological content knowledge (TCK):
2 Technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK):
4. Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK/TPACK):
How was TPACK formed?
TPACK is an understanding of content, pedagogy, technology and learning context.
It is informed particularly by four intersections of knowledge types.
“How did you decide how to teach the content that this unit addresses?”
“How did you decide which materials, tools, and resources to use to teach the content of the unit?”
“How did the materials, tools, and resources that you used ‘fit’ the content of the unit?”
“How and why was this particular combination of content, pedagogy, and technology most appropriate for this unit?”
Thinking outside the box:
TPACK in action:
Why use the TPACK pedagogy?
to enhance students' learning and their own teaching rather than just using technology because it is required of them to do so
to enhance students' learning and intellectual engagement
student centered
based on their technological culture
TPACK Drawbacks:
Overemphasis on technology limits student creativity.
It should be used to enhance curriculum based learning rather than being used as an end unto themselves.
Know how and why it is being used.
If you DONT need it,
put it away.

In Conclusion...
Technology integration is promising however requires further investigation and development.
What do you think?
Why we love TPACK...
Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

The TPACK model:
Shulman’s construct about how to teach specific content-based material
4 types of teacher knowledge:
4 Types of teacher knowledge:
4 Types of teacher knowledge:
4 Types of teacher knowledge:
How to use particular technologies in teaching
How to select technologies that best embody and support particular content-based precepts
How to teach specific content-based material, using technologies that best embody and support it, in ways that are appropriately matched to students’ needs and preferences
Model Digital Age Work and Learning
Sub-standard C

We choose the artifact PREZI because it is a technological presentation tool that communicates relevant information and ideas through incorporating text, visual and audio components. We used these digital media outlets and formats to explain the TPACK Model.
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